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[Not a bug] No extra mana for Medal of Anu - bug or feature?

Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows 10 x64

Screenshot or image:
Mechanist, no medal of Anu

Mechanist, with medal of Anu

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When I see “20% of starting mana” in the Anu description, I take it as “extra +20% of starting mana”.

As screenshots clearly shows, it’s mere “20%”. So if I have more than 20% from the other sources already (i.e. 50% for mechanist trait), medal does nothing.

Is it expected behavior?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Well, always, I beleive. I just farmed for the first my medal, ony to discover that it’s useless.

Steps to make it happen again

  • Equip any troops or effects that have more than 20% mana on battle start.
  • Equip Medal of Anu.
  • Enter battle and watch as Anu does nothing.

You don’t get an extra 20%, it’s non stackable with any starting mana bonus of any kind.

Mech has 50% start, so won’t benefit.


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It’s expected behaviour (well, intended anyway, not everyone expects it :wink: )

The bonus starting mana from different sources doesn’t stack. The game will apply the highest starting bonus available for each troop, from one source.

For example, if you are using Holy St.Astra with her “All Humans start battle with 50% mana” trait and a medal of Anu, then any “Human” troop on your team will start with 50% mana thanks to that trait, while everyone else will start with 20% thanks to the medal of Anu.

Similarly, multiple medals of Anu have the same effect as a single medal (20%) and adding another Holy St.Astra to your team will not give 100% mana to the Humans on your team.

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So they even not cumulative with themselves? How great. Another worthless object in this game.

Well, at least now I feel myself less guilty for ignoring it.

Thank you.

Is explained here in the game guides:

Pretty much always a good source of information that can be checked before posting bug reports :smile:

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Were you really expecting to be able to start the bomb bots at full mana :smirk:

shrug Why not? It’s quite useless setup against anything higher than L10, because you hardly will be able to use even two full-charged bombots without slipping the initiative. But it could give me faster farming… if it worked, of course.

Also, it’s only one such medal (all others are “+X”, not “X”, I checked), and it’s legendary after all. shrug Again: it’s pretty useless then.

The game is easy enough, thank god they do not stack.

Um, as for me, if you don’t want overpowered item, you simply not implementing it. Making hard-to-achieve item that mostly gives nothing is… well, not very good design solution.

One word…