Vote on Cedric Medal Nerf here

  • Keep Cedric at 40%
  • Adjust Cedric to 30%
  • Adjust Cedric to 20%
  • Keep Cedric at 10%

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Hope I did this right.

Have it be 10-20%, but implement it as part of the existing auto-cleanse mechanic which makes the effect more consistent long term and removes the stupid interactions it has with stun and one-turn minimums.

Since 15% seems to be a popular answer… No?

Honestly I saw the other vote threads and threw this one together fast. I did not want to put to many options so went with nice round numbers.

Well, you still spent more time thinking this through than a few certain Australians…


rofl @UKresistance
The thing that really gets me is putting this out with 40% on the medal. As soon as I got it I was laughing at how often it went off and if I had stopped to think for even a few seconds I would have known the nerf hammer was incoming. Cannot believe that this was let out into the wild this way.

40% but can only use 1 like Anu medal.

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Sadly said in stream she dont do that and she doesnt change it in like the next month if any

i want it buffed to 75%!

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