Teasure Vault Enemies Buffed

I’m on Android/PC and noticed today that the Treasure Vault enemies on Normal difficulty were no longer their normal rarity and level. Now they’re fully ascended and level 20.

Was this a known/intended change? I haven’t done any Vaults since the last gnome weekend.

What Ascension rarity do you have your treasure gnomes to?

I ran a vault to check this out, my own treasure goblin is common rarity and level 1 but in the vault they are the same ascendancy and level as the original posters.
It would be useful to confirm if this is the same for low level players, but not sure it’s fair to ask someone to possibly waste a key to check.

Only Cedric is Mythic. My gnomes are all still common :sweat_smile:.

ah, good to know, what level are you Voq?

I’m level 1227.

Weird. But it looks like it’s just a visual deal. The stats aren’t exactly level 20 for the AI.

Their stats definitely increased. My rowanne can no longer wipe them out with 1 cast

That’s what made me notice it.

This is true. I noticed this since last Bounty event last week. I needed to open some Vault Keys to find some Orbs and realized my explore team did not do the same damage teamwise. (my android account is barely level 1000ish something, but still, previous to that the damage output would leave only Cedric alive, now all 4 of them)

At a certain point I understand making quests more difficult to clear. But making Vaults take longer seems very unnecessary and semi trollish.


So… what determines the rarity and stats of Treasure Gnomes in Explore? I’ve been playing on autopilot this weekend but noticed that in one battle, the Gnome wasn’t targeted by Death Knell as usual because it was level 20…

After that, I started monitoring my battles, and I noticed I was encountering Treasure Gnomes of different rarities.

Was it always like this? Do they take the rarity/level of the troop they replace? I swear they were always Common on Normal difficulty in Explore.

Or this also linked to the change to the Treasure Vaults…

Is a PROOF that the Devs Do things behind the scene and without our knowledge?


Of course. They do it all the time. They nerfed the Pet Gnomes as well. I used to get them in the Arena, sometimes two or three times per week, now, not one in four months. Much less common or almost non-existent in PvP as well.

Is it linked to the new difficulty scaling of the different quest areas (for Explores)? I noticed that your Explore pictures are from different Kingdoms.

It might be linked in some way, but I see the rarity/level varying between battles in the same Kingdom.

Let me go back to Broken Spire and see if the Gnomes are still Commons.
EDIT: The first 3 gnomes I encountered were commons, but I still found an Ultra-Rare and Epic in Broken Spire:

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Now i am worried that my bad RNG is effected by my criticism in forum.
Conspiracy theory: ( this player is being salty let’s serve him bad RNG for month) :joy:

Tbh if they do such a thing what prevents them from doing other things :roll_eyes:

Vog what do you mean you been playing on autopilot? Are you admitting to using a bot?

Generally it just means going through the motions of playing without really thinking too much, since it’s just a repetitive action (e.g. click Fire Bomb/Leprechaun, click Cast, click Sunbird/Rowanne, click Cast, etc.).


Well, let’s put things together.

They told us that the challenges in 4.5 were a hint at things to come in 4.6. Particularly that any mode with a difficulty selector would lose that selector. They hinted the difficulty would be replaced with something else. Players are strongly speculating that means “scaling”, probably based on your levels or kingdom power.

It’s also clear they either don’t have separate dev and production servers or they don’t have a lot of discipline around their version control system. It is very common, almost every version, that some unexplained bug happens to players that is suspiciously related to what we know they are working on for the next version. For example, last update games were crashing because the Deed part of the game “was not released” yet somehow decided to try and send players an in-game mail with Deeds inside. This couldn’t happen if they had separate dev/production servers or if they used appropriate version control like children learn in developer preschool.


  1. The devs are changing Explore to scale in 4.6. Goodbye fast farming.
  2. The changes they are making for 4.6 are affecting players of 4.5.
  3. The devs operate at a level of competence slightly below “professional”.
  4. They aren’t going to confirm (1) or (2) because part of (3) involves:
    • Never evaluating if your process has problems.
    • Never admitting your practices are the problem.
    • Refusing to change when you can’t lie about the problems.
    • Claiming the processes you don’t use cause worse problems than the ones you have.