Team building trait notation suggestion for the forum

One thing my guild has been doing when discussing building teams in the limited space of guild chat is using asterisks to notate when a troop needs a certain number of traits for the build to work.

For example, @esslee’s recent team suggestion in another thread would be notated:
Centaur Scout***
Centaur Scout***
Bone Dragon
Star Gazer***

This denotes that this team build relies on True Shot (third trait) for the Centaurs, and Empowered (also third trait) for Star Gazer, but doesn’t necessarily need any traits for Bone Dragon.

I thought it was worth sharing here because I think it’s an efficient way to discuss team builds in the new traited world without typing (three traits) after each troop in a build. If people like the idea, then it will hopefully catch on here in the forums.

Credit to @7ekn00 for the original idea in our guild chat.


I like this idea :blush:

I’ll happily be the next backer of this idea.

I’ll start off by finally introducing my only team that I use for PvP and wins 95% of the time.

But you really only need this to get it working well.

Herdmaster’s Impervious(Immunity to status effects) trait is great against a Silent One or entangle attempt, but otherwise isn’t necessary to do well thanks to Leadership(+2 all stats).

Soothsayer needs Empowered as it opens up options right off the back if there’s no skull match to strike with. The team could function without the last two traits, but then it feels like it’s lacking something.

Valkyrie’s mainly there for soul gain, it’s really helped out for kingdom’s stars after swapping out Rocket Goblin. It also feels more versatile in a way. Though the double Water Link gets Druid going faster even without a blue banner involved.

Druid without Water Link is basically an unfulfilled Druid. Druid really helps out with Agile troops obnoxious dodges, and I can usually get him doing 14+ damage per Whip by the end of the match. Makes the last couple troops very easy to wipe out.

I stick to +2 yellow banner because of how important Valkyrie and Herdmaster are to have charged. But I think +1 Yellow/Green could work pretty well too.

Been playing variations of this team for months now, still plays fun!
I remember when I was using Mountain Crusher instead of Soothsayer, good times, good times.

Everything*** :stuck_out_tongue: