Team building advice

I have been playing for a couple months now, and have a pretty good feel but wanted to get some advice on how to best use what I have. I don’t currently have any mythics, but I am grinding diamonds to be able to craft one eventually. Wanted to know what you all think would be the best team I could put together for pvp with what I have and which mythic would be the best to target for when I have the diamonds. Thanks in advance.

It will help if you tick the box in column 2 so we can filter the troops you actually have rather than scroll to the right looking for numbers.

I removed extraneous columns and sorted by count. When I check the box at the top of the second column everything disappears. Is that supposed to happen?

Everything disappears because you haven’t ticked any if the boxes below indicating which troops you have. If you have 1 alchemist for example, tick the corresponding box in column 2. Do the same for every troop you have at least 1copy of. Then, when you check the top box in column 2, all the troops you don’t have will disappear and only your actual troops will remain.

Thanks for the help. I hate sounding like a noob, but I just link to the database recently and haven’t figured out the most efficient ways to use it yet.

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Okay, I have fixed my collection so it displays properly. Also just for reference I am currently running:

The Dragon Soul
Queen Yesabelle
Divine Ishbaala

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Your welcome. I will take a look when I finish work and see if we can sort you a good all round line up or two.

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You have some great dragons there mate!!

something to consider would be:

Hero (dragonguard)

  • Great 1st slot tank
  • Class gives entire team 4* dragon boost and 3* Dragon’s Claw boost

(not sure wich weapon would synergy well here, i tend to go for a yellow weapon so you have all colors in your team. And the dragotaur spell destroys yellow gems for boost, wich in turn count towards your hero’s mana)

The Dragon Soul (red / purple)

  • Give life to all dragons
  • Explode gems for mana
  • Deal dmg to all enemies (boosted by dragon allies)

Krystenax (Blue / Green)

  • High dmg to all enemies
  • Summon more Dragons

Dragotaur (green / Brown)

  • Destroy gems for mana
  • Destroy yellow for ATK / ARM (this color is unused so far in this build)
  • Summon more dragons

Thanks. I was running dragons originally and had something similar to that with whatever I felt like that day in the fourth slot. My dragonguard class is up to 40 something, but I have a hard time getting away from other stuff to just run explore to farm traitstones. I need about 10 or 11 more shieldstones to get the second two traits. Since I pulled several non-dragon legendaries recently I was wanting to expand my rosters a little. Just tried goblins with hero, rocket, fizzbang, and goblin king, but it doesn’t seem like it produces enough damage to be really viable. Super fun though when it works well.

Goblin team are fun to use, very not-so-much-fun when you’re facing them in PVP.

My current goblin team is (perhaps something to work towards?)

  • Nobend Brothers
  • Queen Grapplepot
  • Princess Fizzbang
  • Goblin King

Also wait a little, the update 4.4 will introduce “Suggest Team” feature, which will be of huge help with all these “beginner team advices”.

Any news on the release date or nothing yet?

I am assuming this feature is different than the current suggest troop feature?

For the future, there’s no need to check the favorites box as was recommended. You can just put “>0” in the “Count” filter and it will have the same effect without all that effort.>0


That’s for sure. It will allow many things: building teams for 1 or 2 color restrictions, building teams around a hero with weapon, around specific troops. A game in a game, so to say.