Task names should be bind to the rewards


Would it be possible to bind the task name to the rewards so there is alway the same combination?
The problem is that if the task name as for example “Leadership” on the screenshot can have different rewards it is hard for guild leaders to control in activity log to what they members are contributing.

Some guilds have rules to not contribute to souls or maps or both and the fact that task names are not “a proof” complicates the evidence.

I know that this is just a game but top guilds definitely wants to keep players who play according to their rules.

The names are bound to the task, some just share the same high level name. I’ll highlight this to the team :slight_smile:

Well, the high level name is the one that is shown in the activity log. That is why it is more important then “Forge a crown” etc. :wink:
Thx for bringing this to the team.