No gems in guild tasks?

Gone through quite a few tasks today and haven’t gotten a single gem one. gotten the 7 tokens, maps, keys, and souls. but no gems.

any other guilds going through this?

Literally just had 2 gem tasks (and some keys and tokens) completed when I logged in just now.

So it’s just your guild’s luck today.

What he said. Mysterious…

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We haven’t touch anything in guild tasks.

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so weird, i guess i didn’t realize that they were randomized. we consistently got them in a certain order for the last month or so.

I have noticed that the same Task won’t show up at the same time, so in a way there should be an inherent order to it all.
It’s also possible that someone may have completed a Diamond Task just as you were completing another, and the task simply slipped through your attention during the interface transaction. Maybe you should check the activity log?

I don’t know that checking the activity log would help. There are only four task names that I can think of – Leadership, Crafting, Sorcery, and Exploration. Right now, for example, my guild has an Exploration task that awards keys; I am rather confident that at least one previous Exploration task awarded maps. Seeing “ctu1208 completed Crafting task” in the activity log doesn’t say what the reward was for the task.

There are 5 types of tasks, and 4 names. Each type of task always has the same name.

Crafting always means gems task
Sorcery always means souls
Exploration always means keys
Leadership can mean either maps or tokens.

So except for Leadership, you can always know for sure which type of task was completed.

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