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TaliaParks' Team Build Series: Salida del sol

Here is my next entry into my new Team Build Series.

It follows the same principle of Original Blue, a transformer that uses two different colours than it makes with the other three Troops each use an unused colour and the transformed colour. Banner is the transformer’s colours in order to promote speed.

Outside of Knight Coronet’s Stoneskin, Traits are not essential to this team. You can alternate Paladin and Atlanta if you prefer AoE damage over sniping, but this lineup prevents “bottom-up” damage dealers from crippling Paladin.


Hmm… This one doesn’t dazzle me. I mean, the overall premise is sound, but it seemed like Atlanta was pretty superfluous. Even Paladin was only used once, and there is nothing to boost his armor if he takes a targeted shot or two. Maybe it would have been different if you’d been able to get a better Alchemy transformation.

Still, that’s a durable and versatile team and it would probably do pretty well in defence, though you can never trust the AI to use a transformer very well…

Keep it up, though. I’m curious to see some of your other teams and always appreciate your insights on different troop combinations.

Original Blue is an elite team, so most of these future team submissions will be… underwhelming by comparison. However, I’m aiming to provide easy-to-use and easy-to-acquire teams. I can post a 4 Legendary team next if you like.

Also, this was a “bad” game, which is why I posted it. To show it functions and can win, even under non-ideal conditions.


That’s a good point about it being easy to acquire. One quest-line epic and nothing else higher than an ultra-rare. That is definitely attainable for a lower level player.

Also, it is good that the team doesn’t collapse if one troop is killed or is otherwise nullified. Even if Alchemist is dead, you’re still covering 4 colors with 3 tough, damage dealing troops.

I build all my teams with this principle, I feel it’s an important part of team building.

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I’ve used Priestess to fill Paladin’s armor to the point of him being a death machine.

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I’ve used the Cog hero weapon on Paladin before. If you keep him from getting hit and cast it at the right times, you can get him well over 100 armor. It’s pretty risky though and doesn’t synergies with many of my Paladin setups.

I can beat that team. I beat Original Blue.