Talent trees balance

How is level 100 options are even remotely equal?
Fire - 3x skull damage
Forest - +2 HP each turn (to wargares only)
Water - +2 Magic when an enemy dies (to merfolk only)
Just by looking at those you gonna say there’s no way you pick neither Forest, neither Water, yet its still a thing. There are no balance for some skills, and it’s been long time, you can push some balance changes inbetween adding new kingdoms.

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While I completely agree with you that talent trees should be the priority if and when they look at balancing the game, (a lot of unused classes could be made viable by a small number of tweaks to the worst talent trees) it’s disingenuous to compare only the respective level 100 talents.

At level 10, Forest gets Root Trap while Fire gets the worthless Up in Flames.
At level 40, Water gets Deluge whereas Fire has the underwhelming Gift of Fire.

Yeah, just to make it clear, lvl 100 intended to released full potential, and for many cases its utterly useless bonus, especially with conditions (specific races)