Change some Sunspear talent tree options

I’ve noticed with the Sunspear class, that at talent level 5 and talent level 20, the “fire” options are just duplicates of the traits you already would have had you traited the class itself. Could these be switched out to something else, just so that there is a viable option at those levels that isn’t completely redundant? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Loving the new update! Thanks a bunch! :grinning:

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Nature’s Aura at level 20 is completely redundant too if you have all the Hero traits.
Copy and paste talent trees… :unamused:

Cookie cutter talent trees again… only about one in ten talents is seriously worth having, and even fewer have any relevance or thematic match or synergy with the ‘identity’ (and race and kingdom) of the class.

We should be concentrating and increasing the synergy and identify effects for types. The Undead hero should get assorted talents to boost undead teams, not a random scatter of Raksha, Naga, Mech and Wargare boosts.