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Make some changes to the Sunspear class!

Talent Trees:
Forest: Haunted Weave, Perfect Aim, Root Trap, Nature’s Aura, Wall of Vines, Elven Sentries, Harvest Moon

Water: Snap Freeze, Insulated, Ocean’s Trident, Watery Binding, Deluge, Water Mastery, Aquatic Glory

Fire: Feline Fury, Fireproof, Up in Flames, Firestarter, Gift of Fire, Firebringer, Fireblade

Fire Brand: Gain 1 Attack for each Red ally.
18 x Minor Fire, 10 x Runic Fire, 10 x Runic Nature

Fireproof: Immunity to Burning and Faerie Fire.
26 x Minor Fire, 12 x Major Fire, 10 x Arcane Beast

Heatwave: Create a Firestorm at the start of every turn.
34 x Minor Fire, 6 x Arcane Beast, 2 x Celestial

Class weapon:
Flame Soul Mythic
Mana cost: ​14
Choose a Mana Gem. Deal [Magic + 1] damage to each enemy of that color and Burn them. Give all allies of the matching color 4 Attack.

The Fireproof ability could be potentially repeated or mixed with a Hero Fireproof trait.
The Firebringer ability and Heatwave is practically almost the same thing.

So, if possible, I am suggesting adding another immunity to the Tree.

Also, I am suggesting that if you use the Firebringer ability and Heatwave trait together, that you should automatically get to create the Red Madness Storm, which is a new recent feature.

I would actually like to see Heatwave changed, perhaps to something similar to Corsair’s third trait or, perhaps, starting all Raksha with 50% mana. I am not a huge fan of a perpetual Firestorm as a Hero trait. There are times I may want to use the Sunspear class but with non-red mana troops. I would prefer to see a separate troop released with the perpetual Firestorm trait a la Skadi with Icestorm or Umberwolf with Darkstorm.
The talent trees for Sunspear always seemed a bit odd to me as it is a “fire” focused class but it also has the water and forest trees as well. Don’t get me wrong, it is still one of my favorite classes. It just never seemed to be thematically consistent.

I like sunspear a lot (I think the fireblade perk is worth the grind) but of course it is kind of a one trick pony in terms of mana colour. Not that that’s a huge issue because there is no shortage of heavy hitting red troops in looping configurations. I think other classes need a rethink much more urgently than sunspear does. In my eyes it’s one of the better classes but that’s mainly because most classes are just not effective. If you have it maxed and still feel it needs a tweak then fair enough. But I think fireblade is one of the very few level 100 perks that justify the effort.

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I am heading there. 30 more levels.

Definitely, one of my top 3 favourite classes, and well worth the grind to level 100. Makes red GW day so much easier.


Since my post was deleted on the update post. Here it is everyone. The reason the devs changed sunspear.

I’ll say part of what I said there. There is no reason to sacrifice class identity when you can just use another class. There are plenty to choose from.


You didn’t like a perpetual firestorm on your hero class. So instead of just picking another of the dozens of classes, the entire gems of war community can’t have it.

Please keep this thread civil. I can see this devolving into attacks quite easily, so please be kind to each other.

We did not make any changes because of one person, so please do not find one person and target them.


I absolutely agree with you. It will be counterproductive to focus on anyone.
I would just kindly ask you if you could share with the designers the pretty overwhelming reaction to the change (nerf) to sunspear class. I really think the class was original, not overpowered compared to Titan or Frostmage, but had a little twist we all enjoyed. This is really a pity it happened, especially in the middle of guild war where we set our defense and class do matters.
Thank you very much Salty.

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a firestorm at the start of the game and a firestorm at the start of every turn are two different things.
the firestorm at the start of the game on offense side can be replaced by another similar trait on defense side.
however, firestorm at the start of every turn doesn’t have such problem.
be good at the game.

and this is very interesting, a not-so-vocal minority in the forum makes dev change the last trait. then how do you react to that fact that the majority of community is against the change? play like a turtle won’t do the work, you can’t live in the shell for eternity.


In this post we have 2 players requesting mods to sunspear and 2 including myself offering counterarguments. How does this exhibit the “considerable complaints” you mention as being the impetus for this ridiculous change?


Whilst continuing to ignore change requests for Watery and Carved


This post is not the reason Sunspear was changed. This is the scapegoat that @Saltypatra and / or the devs used to nerf a class that was allowing players to farm explore and pvp too quickly for their liking.


I believe you. However, @Saltypatra, I am a fugitive now. Sh*t happens.

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I am no longer a fugitive. Things are normal again. :grin:

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