Sunspear class Talent tree fix

So I know many of us disagree on many different things, but can we all agree that Sunspear talent tree level 20 talents (Firestarter and Nature’s Aura) are redundant and need to be fixed? If I’m not mistaken the class trait would take over and render them completely useless. I remember reading another thread that highlighted this but it still hasn’t been addressed? I feel as if it would be an easy overnight fix but perhaps I’m wrong. Or maybe there is a major overhaul to classes in general that the developers are working on? Crosses fingers

They would have to swap the talent trees for that and I’m sure no one would want to lose fireblade just for another bad but usable talent.

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I’m not sure I follow, why would there be a need to “lose fireblade”? Also, as it currently stands Nature’s Aura and Firestarter are not usable. In fact, they are completely useless.

Classes aren’t given unique talents instead they are given a talent tree. There are 17 talent tree and each class is given 3. Talent trees are made up of 7 different talents. The fire talent tree has firestarter and fireblade so the only way to change the firestarter talent of Sunspear would be to swap the talent tree for a different one and then you would lose fireblade. They could swap the firestarter talent in the tree for another one but then Dragonguard, Mechanist, Walord and every other class that uses the fire talent tree would lose the fire storm at the start of the battle. Same goes for nature’s aura they would have to swap the forest tree for another one. The reason why they could easily change Stormcaller is that it was just a trait that was changed.

It sucks we have an unusable talent but I’m sure most people would agree it is worth losing a level 20 talent to be able to have fireblade. Most level 20 talents suck anyway. The only thing that would really be worth swapping it for (just for the level 20 talent) would be the arcane talent tree for the 50% mana start but that is definitely not worth losing fireblade for.


Ah okay, that makes a lot more sense now.


The other thing to consider is that not everyone can afford to trait a hero class - let alone all of them. So for someone just using Sunspear with no traits, having access to the storm talents is a huge boon; hero lvl20 is much easier to reach than Arcanes if you don’t have a huge stockpile.

This being said, I definitely agree its a pretty irritating thing to run into. I noted as much in my enormous spreadsheet.