[Not a Bug] There a bug on the switch


On the class Sunspear the trait at level 20 Natures Aura is meant create a leafstorm at the start of the battle shows green but then jumps to red instead.

all time

HAS only been an issue since curse updated came into affect

Steps to make it happen again
This happeneds all the time

Sunspear’s third trait creates permanent redstorm and takes precedence over class talents.

It is working correctly and if you had greenstorm active prior it must mean that you didn’t have your hero fully traited at that time.


i have sunspear fully traited and its on the traits at level 20 that you can have Natures aura that keeps swapping to firestart instead

Here are the traits, they take precedence over talent trees and existed long before talents were even a thing.
If you click on your hero, you’ll find leafstorm displayed on the left column under Talents.


thankyou but this is still a bug if it is continuous as there is know way to start a leafstorm at after the firestorm if it does not end and make the trait tree redundant therefore needs to be addressed

Not a bug, just another example of how lazy the design, QA, and development in its entirety is with this game.

The class trees are limited, they force them into these classes when they make no sense. This leads to stupid situations as the OP pointed out.

Don’t worry though, when they did the balance patch a while back, they fixed Bandit and Skeleton Key. Those 2 were destroying the economy and making the game unplayable. At least we don’t have to deal with that anymore /sarcasm…

They did change Sunspears Heatwave trait to be the same as Corsairs (but red mana). This would’ve allowed the Leafstorm to be utilised still.

The change was met with multiple complaints and was promptly changed back (thankfully).


As @Dust_Angel and @Tabu have pointed out, this is not a bug.

The reason this interaction is in Gems of War and the Nature’s Aura talent hasn’t been changed on Sunspear to avoid this clash with its Firestorm Trait, is due to how the Talents in the Talent Trees are available across multiple Hero Classes.

As the Talent Trees for Fire and Forest are used by other Hero Classes, we’re not easily able to change these Talents without effecting other Hero Classes and how they are designed to work.

We did at one point change the Firestorm Trait on the Sunspear Class to prevent this clash from happening, however, due to feedback from the community this change was reverted. The forum post linked by @Cairnso explains this in detail.

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