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TAG (rank 22), TAG TWO and TAG THREE on PS4 are all recruiting now!

TAG is recruiting 1 active level 900 plus member today. Rank 26 on PS4 currently here are our Requirements:

1,000,000 gold donation per week
1500 Seals per week
400 Trophies per week
Play all your Guild War matches and / or all your Free Sigils for all events every week. It is expected you will purchase up to at least level 2 sentinels for all bonuses for GW

We still doing “Draws” weekly and special events from time to time as well contact me for full details here or on PSN at Calv1n

TAG TWO is currently taking people for their Wait list if you’d like to join contact me here to get you in touch with Tara the GM for TAG TWO

TAG THREE still has spots available and are open (and completely casual) just search for them in game and join if you’d like!


Hi Cal ive been playn gemz 4 two mnths, im lv97 and wil gladly help you pick up the slach. I love this game.

TAG has 1 spot open and TAG THREE has a few open for purely casual players message me here or on PSN at Calv1n for details!

TAG has 3 open spots now. Current minimum requirements are 1 million gold, 1500 seals, 400 trophies, GW and all sigils played. Join us for an amazing guild experience with a great Discord group, free weekly prize draw and lots more! Message me here or send me a FR and message on PSN at Calv1n for details today :grinning:

One spot in TAG Has been spoken for we have 2 left don’t miss your chance to join the TAG family of guilds on PS4 :slight_smile:

one spot left in TAG, 2 left in TAG TWO and 3 in TAG THREE. Message me here or at PSN ID at Calv1n for details today to get your spot in the TAG Family of Guilds on PS4 :slight_smile:

TAG and TAG TWO are both recruiting now!

TAG is looking for Active high level players that can do a minimum of 1,200,000 Gold, 1500 Seals, 400 Trophies, All free sigils played and GW matches played (again at a min) plus Sentinels to a min of 3 on GW weeks.

What we offer is an amazing community that is drama free, weekly prizes, All event rewards and LT’s weekly in a B1 / B2 guild that fun to play with and is stress free. We have a great Discord community with, mentorship, team ideas and lots more

Contact me here or on PSN at Calv1n for Details today

For TAG TWO our 2nd of 3 TAG Guilds on PS4 the minimum requirements are 100k gold, 500 seals and 50 trophies plus all free sigils and GW played Contact PSN Anubis80 for details or myself here on reddit to get additional details or an invite today


TAG has a spot opening this week! Message me for details here or on PSN at Calv1n if you are interested!