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T!gerk!ng - Umenath

Greetings! hope everyone is safe & healthy. I am new to the forum but have just over 1000 levels under my belt in game. I decided to forge Umenath the other day, inspired by everyone’s favorite netflix disasterpiece Tiger King. Here is my current PvP build, reminiscent of a webspinner team:

Why Umenath over 'Spinner? I actually prefer the Mercy/Fist of Zorn variant with Webspinner as it boosts attack, you would think blowing out all the purple needed for Doomed Axe to convert to skulls would be a waste but it works surprisingly well somehow. The MoonRabbit/Apophesis combo can fill the axe off a 5+ gem match. From there, the Axe + Apophesis put in work as expected. The real difference is Umenath’s Hunting Prowess ability hits hard + replenishes skulls on the board, plus a bonus to attack. Webspinner’s Venom Weave ability just doesn’t compare in terms of utility or synergy, you get some green which I guess helps Apophesis & the low damage is good for clearing out enemy troops on their last legs, Umenath just does it better IMHO. Spinner’s web on skull damage is useful, but having Dodge on a tank with no skull damage reduction gives Umenath the edge, especially with the RNG performance allowing it to proc back to back to back (three times in succession is my record!).

I am running the Archer class for Hunt, Backup + Root Trap but I’m open to suggestions as there may be better synergy I’m not aware of. Surely someone is saying “hey Umenath is female & Joe Exotic is… complicated” but I would prefer the conversation be limited to my build, how to improve it, & other teams Umenath fits in.

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