Switch happened an hour ahead of time

Not that it really does matter but I still was spending my last remaining 70 guild chest rewards when we switched over to the new week (it’s 11:30 pm right now Pacific time zone)

But I got my new points for my heroine!!! Killer.

Didn’t you recently switch to winter/standard time?

Daily reset happened at the same it always did, exactly 24 hours after the last daily reset. You perceive it as being an hour early because your clock changed. Weekly reset follows the same rule.

I had a similar reaction tonight at reset. I was chasing a fellow guildmate for total trophies this week and thought I’ve got an hour to do 12 battles. Should be fine. And then the surprise of the reset screen just after 11pm pst. Once I saw it I realized that we just fell back an hour Saturday night because of Daylight Savings. I was so close too. Maybe I’ll get them next week. :wink: