SWITCH hacking bannnn

I’m in middle of dungeon and get a hacking ban. What did I hack. I have not hacked anything and I would not know how to anyway! I am pissed. This better get fixed. TROPHYGNOME_4GVT is my invite code. TrophyGnome is the gamer tag. I am off to work.

Too late to be April fools joke

Ouch. That sucks.

Hope the devs get it fixed for you asap :slight_smile:

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If you would like to appeal a ban please contact support here

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Did you hack your Switch?

No I did nothing. Would not know how to anyway

I really have done nothing that needs appealing. All I have done is play game. I will appeal but you guys need to check your software that detects cheating because it’s not working, if someone reported me heck I barely chat. I try to stay out of that drama. I went ahead and used the link you provided. Thank you @Cyrup. I almost forgot after reset Every time I tried to open gold keys my game froze and I had to shut game down. After 3 attempts I gave up. After getting my sleep I tried it and they opened so I don’t know if game saw this as something I did I don’t know.

1 ban on any platform should constitute a ban across all platforms even forums. Bye Felicia

Who are you and why do you think I’m whoever you are talking about. So week 1 900 T week 2 800. I have like 300 gems. If I were a hacker I would fire myself. No mythics

1st you are not gonna get banned for simply playing. 2nd once a cheat always a cheat. Why get banned on 1 platform and be allowed to play on another. If you did nothing wrong then they will get it straightened out but consider it a lesson learned if you indeed hacked the game and got busted.

If you got banned for just playing then i would never ever play on switch. They should tell what they think you did.

Good then I have zero to worry about. I knew about the mail glitch from a pc player and decided I did not want to be a douche and I told no one. So maybe the switch is giving false positives. I have played on box for 3 years no banns so there is that

Hope things work out for you. I’ve not had any problem playing GoW on my Switch but I’ve only played it for about a week.

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Hey Rojo, I’m going to followup in a PM :slight_smile:

Let me know if I messaged the wrong account… wasn’t sure if @rojo or @Rojo1

You got me. I think I forgot password a while back so my computer has one and phone the other account lol

It would be good to know if this was indeed a false positive (and possibly what did the player do to trigger it), so others who may face it are aware of this.



Only thing I can say is if it happens fill out ticket and hopefully you are in the right. The software is there to prevent cheaters from hurting game but sometimes it hits a player that is not doing anything wrong. I am not sure what I did to get flagged or whether it’s something to do with Switch. I do know it’s good they are actively looking for people that are cheating. I am pleased with the quick response from the Devs.


If you’re aware then actual hackers would be aware as well. It’s best to keep things like this to a private conversation. Where the devs can learn to adjust what went wrong. But hackers can’t learn how to make sure they don’t trigger it.