Sad cant talk to friends in gems because randin banned me for life

like bruh i didnt do anything wrong but you know she believes what she wants im reporting the game and giving poor review

Stop speaking in forums about this. @jeto they are posting multiple forum posts about their ban.

ill stop ok im sorry im just upset because i never did anything wrong

Understandable, usually one post is enough, and even then they always say they can’t discuss bans on the forums anyway. Your best bet is to just submit a ticket and await a response. They can investigate it from there.

i have wont do anything

You should read my post about this under nintendo switch that was the first of their posts I saw. The person who replied to my post was just rude and people are liking that persons post.

I left you info in your post under #nintendo-switch plus like everyone and even the moderators are saying do a ban appeal.

i do but no1 cares or listenand i have

Ban appeals are a low priority. If you have not heard anything yet, it’s not over either.

No one here will be able to help you, unfortunately.


I’ve closed this thread as there’s already a discussion about this over in this other thread here: