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Delete this post, too- GOAT LC

I got a 20 day ban (many people who do dating in Gems of War chat get same 20 day ban) for ‘continuing drama’…what was this drama? A user who was my friend called me dumb, a day later she said the guild wasn’t popular and I said ‘shut up!’ She got very offended and left my guild and blocked me. The continuing drama part? Yeah, that was me asking my guildmates to ask the user to unblock me. If the chat was a school, then the situation would be the insults and the user leaving my club and giving me the silent treatment, and me asking my friends in the club to beg her to stop giving me the silent treatment. If you were a teacher of principal or head of the school, would you force me to leave the school for 20 days? No way! Would you give us detention? Maybe! The chat moderators think they need to make their chat cleaner than a G-rated tv show about school, and by the way, in real school, people do way worse than I did in chat and they only get detention. Instead of giving a 20 day ban, maybe they should just give a punishment, like temporarily removing all gems from the account until the user earns all the honor he/she had previously. Or, maybe they could make it so the user can only chat for 1 hour or half an hour a day until all honor is earned back. If you are going to have a chat where you can type anything besides profanity, then there’s going to be drama. But if the drama isn’t inappropriate, why can’t you just have a punishment instead of a full-on ban? I talked to customer service, and all customer said was that I should’ve thought about the fact that I’m guild leader before doing drama, and that customer service wouldn’t communicate with me anymore on this issue, so I couldn’t send this to them.

What you’re describing is harassment.

So yeah. You deserve your ban. And all people involved would be better off leaving your guild and blocking you.

This is the second time you’ve posted this sort of nonsense, and people explained why this CHILD-FRIENDLY game is NOT meant to be a dating app. Because, you know, child predators are a thing. So gtf outta here with this behavior—it’s unwanted and creepy, regardless of whether you’re actually a child or not.

Learn something, if you are a kid — this is not the way. If you’re not a kid, I hope the devs ban you outright — not sorry.


Whoa, ‘no’ means ‘no’, bro.


You’re not going to find much pity here. That’s creepy level stuff no one here matching gems and killing monsters wants to deal with. We’re you my guild leader I’d bail faster than you could blink.

Keep the creepy stalker dating stuff to tinder.


Are you twelve years old? Do you really need to act like this? The ban was supposed to be a wake-up call. This isn’t school. This is the real world. You’re lucky the ban wasn’t permanent.

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You learned nothing from your last ban and continued doing the same kinds of things that brought it about. I predict another thread in about 20 days.

You can’t make someone be your friend. It’s not a checklist, and they don’t owe you their attention. If they tell you “no”, move on. The end. Don’t recruit your friends to harass them. Yes, it’s harassment. They said, “I don’t want to talk to GOAT_LC” and your friends are now recruited to, “But you have to!” Horse manure. She doesn’t have to talk to you.

Move. On. Life is going to be very hard for you if you don’t learn this lesson yesterday.


Next time, hit on her in a public chat room. That’s only a 7 day suspension. :slight_smile:

Oh … it is the same person! I did not realize! :rofl:

Well, now I have to know … is it the person you confessed your undying love to last week?

15 years ago (when I graduated HS) when the internet was still very much in it’s infancy. I had ICQ, Yahoo IM and MSN IM to “chat with hot chics on”.
Now a days there’s surely better options for tweens than Gems of War chat to find “love in all the wrong places”.
Consider it the devs doing you a favor young Padawan. And find a better social platform than a match 3 game played on a Nintendo console.
If Steam and Mobile are forced to be PG. Then yeah it makes sense that on Nintendo they want it to be G rated as possible.

Nintendo would have private school type rules. Not public school.

I met my now wife in game chat on a different f2p game about 5 years back, so it does work. With adults :smirk:

First of all, this isn’t related to the previous ban. Second, I need to use the chat because I need to communicate to my guildmates. And third, stop acting like I awful the previous ban. A member in guild said he was shipping me and the other user, and then I said I loved the user. But I don’t love the user in a romantic way, I love the user as a friend.

And I wonder why I only connect to guild chat these days.

Lol you guys. Let her have her rant

It’s not a personal blog post.
Nor are the devs doing anything wrong.
And the OP is rejecting any sort of advice so that wasn’t the intent.

I’m not going to make it my job to educate the worlds youth. But to just ignore the behavior sometimes. Can be the same as encouraging it.

This day only keeps getting better and better.

Then you need to learn to chat appropriately. And own up to your own behavior rather than try to argue with adults. Think about what you could do better so that you can chat with your guild mates.

You are wrong. Deal with it.


Then smile more, and speak less. Stop trying to force people to be your friends. When they block you, leave them alone and chalk it up as a loss. Hang out with the people who want to hang out with you.

Personally at this point I’d boot you from a guild as a liability.

If she has ranted on this forum before, you think by engaging in this thread, you will get her to stop? Think again. If she hasn’t learned the first time what makes you think you can make her see the light the 2nd or how many times she has ranted about the subject. You guys should just let this thread die before it devolves or the arguments go in circles.

GoW is a game not a harassment app.


Learn from your mistake (again) or move on from the game is probably the best advice :+1: