SWITCH hacking bannnn

Yes its good they are looking for cheaters but if your innocent and got banned then that proves this game is a joke. If your innocent then they owe you a apology and a big compensation but if your guilty you need to be banned from all platforms…

I was not asking for compensation because I lost no playing time. I never said they did not apologize. I was actually heading to work when it happened. I think they responded quickly and I’m happy with it. Don’t know why you seem upset.


The reason the Switch isn’t cross play is because all you players are pretty much beta testing stuff like this out of that version. That way it’s way less buggy when y’all join the rest of the mobile players. :upside_down_face:

So, is your issue resolved or are you banned permanently now?

He must be permanently banned because the devs apologized to him and he seems to be happy with how things were handled


This post made me laugh a happy non-ironic laugh, and on the forums that’s not common these days.

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I would create a support case if you haven’t already done so.