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Swen Giba is Recruiting Now

Hi Swen, Just love your results! You are some real bad boys!

I see you are now down to 29 players since Tuesday. My girlfiend Lady Dragon has asked me to put in a request that you let her join you. She likes to live in the fast lane. Personally, I just use the fast-lane for overtaking but, you know what these Amazons are like :wink:

Congratulations for your express overtaking of our Guilds at twice the speed of light. Einstein must be rolling in his grave!

Lady Dragon just loves big things so:

The size of your Trophy count a few days ago she thinks is awesome. What was it? Oh, Yeah,

a. 6353 Trophies in 3 hours 54 minutes max. Monday 6th June at 4:54 pm
b. 5757 Trophies in 3 hours 30 minutes max. Today Wed 8th June at 09:19am
c. 5422 Trophies in 1 hour 5 minutes max. Today Wed 8th June at 11:08am

Many Screenshots were taken over many days and at many times also between the above scores. So the timings above are the maximum times between my screenshots.

Many people here will think that you have worked hard over many hours to get these score but WE know that is not the case. All guilds make progress steadily with every member contributing at different times because they are at different global locations and each member has different sleep patterns.

Swen Giba is the only Guild I am aware of that doesn’t follow this ‘normal’ behaviour pattern. For example your Trophy wins are periodic. Large periods of NO activity and a brief burst of thousands of trophies over an hour or so, then more inactivity for more hours.

My girlfriend really likes that because she likes to sleep a lot and have her bursts of activity. She thinks she will be a perfect match for the team.

Personally, what I can see is that Swen Giba members all sleep at the same time, all rest at the same time and all go to WORK at the same time. This is also not ‘normal’from a Guild point of view. In addition, these ‘spikes’ of manic Trophy grabbing seems to happen at the start or end of the normal working day for people who work in the Philippines, Australia, China etc.

The next GoW Updates (2.1 and 2.2) will bring dramatic changes to the Guilds. This is big news. Which also happens to be the name of Swen Giba if you reverse the initials. Swen Giba = A Big News.

I wonder why the Devs have not investigated this team and dropped them from the league. Is it due to some legal constraints or must a GoW player have to raise a ‘complaint’ before they are investigated. Or, is this a test program for Updates 2.1 and 2.2?

Quick calculations for those interested;

a. 30 members gained 6353 trophies over 234 minutes.
b. 29 members gained 5757 trophies over 210 minutes.
c. 29 members gained 5422 trophies over 65 minutes.

Let’s discuss error in these calculations.

For a. Two screenshots 234 minutes apart. No idea ‘real’ timing.
For b. Two screenshots 210 minutes apart. No idea ‘real’ timing.
For c. Two screenshots 65 minutes apart. No idea ‘real’ timing.

For me the most accurate data is c because it has the closest boundaries. Less wriggle room. Is it wiggle or wriggle? hmmm ah, who cares.

Using c and describing TCR as Trophy Count Rate.

We get TCR = 83 per minute or 5,005 per hour for the Guild.

Which is 2.9 trophies per minute (or 173 per hour) per player.

How feasible is this?

And, how high could their score be if they decided to grind it like we all do instead of taking long breaks between their manic trophy collecting sessions.

Answer: At 8 hours solid play by current 29 members = 40,039 per day.

I have tried to locate any reference to Swen Giba on Google. Nothing.
Tried to locate Swen Giba contributions in our forum. Nothing from them.
Tried to locate Swen Giba recruitment in our forum. Nothing.
Ditto for Steam.

Therefore, I have three requests:

a. Would Swen Giba please contact me for a potential new recruit. She’s a great carnivore.

b. Has anyone in the forums actually played against a Swen Giba member in PvP? The scoreboard we see only shows the top 100 players. Maybe they are lower down.

c. Would the Devs please consider looking at this Team? Because, whatever exploit they are using is causing some bad feelings.

In any case I hope Jane Bond aka Dragon Lady aka Honey Pot can gain entry and find this assumed exploit or if they are just evil at Arena!

Edited layout.


if these numbers are true it seems very suspect :eyes:


That’s easy enough…

Be realistic please. My Peasant/PoisonMaster/Zombie/Orion team can run through any enemy team consistently in about 22 seconds average… so even with the 30 secs minimum per match in loading screens and trait animations, I could see your 4.4 and raise you again…

This may come in handy… https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sudocrem-Antiseptic-Healing-Cream-60g/dp/B000Z7DH8K/ref=sr_1_2_s_it?s=drugstore&ie=UTF8&qid=1465369526&sr=1-2&keywords=sudocrem

The fact that they’re all playing at the same time, as well as the lack of online presence, could make sense if you assume they are a group of people who gather to play together in real life (such as a school club or similar).

Not sure what to think about the rest of it (trophy count etc.)

Thanks @yonizaf :slight_smile:

Never thought of a school club! Could be… hmm

Thanks again

My post about Swen Giba is mainly curiosity driven. It is not a rant. There is such a large pool of players now in GofW that it is easy to think that we, in the forum, are the only ‘players’.

As a player on Steam, this is all I had to go on for number of players until the ladder came out.


Edit: Added link.

It just occurred to me that Swen Giba is “A big news” spelled backward :open_mouth:


The spreadsheet
shows they made a little over 18 k trophies last week that is high but a few of the top guilds even got more so it is possible.

What is weird however since they are the top 4 guild when it comes to getting trophies last week, i would expect either to have a couple of fights with some members or to see any of them in the top 100 (at any point)
Never had a fight against anyone of that guild and they are not in the top that suggest they get there trophies in arena ? if so that would take a lot more time than 22 sec per fight.

Also Jainus respect 22 seconds is not something I can do, maybe its because I am “only” lvl 403 (orso) I suspect you are lvl 1000?
Maybe there whole guild only has lvl 1000’s ?

What ever it is its something that makes me curious

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I have never fighted against any Swen Giba member.

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The lack of presence on the leaderboard is definitely strange. It appears they have 24,000 trophies since saturday. That’s easily an average of over 250 wins per player, so you would expect some to be on there, right? For comparison: Anonymous had 10,000 trophies during that same stretch, and currently has 9 players in the top 100.


Maybe they are the devs? Doing testing and such but keeping it out of the ranking to not skew the leaderboards?

We know the Dev Guild is called Sparkle Ponies (at least that’s the guild that Sirrian and Nimhain belong to)

I doubt it is the devs. They already have a guild, and it would be trivial for them to hide any guild from displaying that they use for testing if they wanted to.


But didn’t a dev say in a 2.0 Preview that they tested the PvP system with thousands(? or some number) of matches as best they could? Could it have been with this guild with alt accounts? So maybe it’s a “dev testing guild”.

On bot accounts.


I thought it was being hidden.

I know on a site where I’m a dev, I keep my account out of the leaderboards, so it doesn’t mess up the other players’ progress.

Swen Giba is not hidden on the league leaderboard.

Ah. Thanks.

Maybe they’ve found some nice and fast way to Arena their way around?

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