My 3rd Trophy record 🏆

I increased my trophy record from 75,000 trophies to 90,000 trophies , it was a great week with the Nemesis members, big respect to everyone’s perfomance.:trophy::heart::raised_hands:


that is some grind… did you not sleep

3x3=9 trophies per min
9 x 60 = 540per hour
540 x 24 = 12960 per day
12960 x 7 = 90720 per week (edited)

above assumes 3 battles a min.


Depending on how things are going, I make 650-700 trophies per hour.


Explore 9 is 3 trophies and you can one shot with a lot of teams so much faster than 3 games a min. But still it would take a lot of time to grind 90k

Congratulations my lovely guildmate wumme😍

I think I have misunderstood something. English is not my first language.


Danke dafür :+1::+1:

Such negativity. Why play the game if you don’t enjoy it?
And so we dedicated a week of our time to make this happen. It’s our life. Don’t judge.

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Huh? (10 characters)

Nevermind. I’ve spent enough time explaining myself.

I did not understand the ‘big respect’ thing. Could you please clarify?

I also had my doubts if this is even possible without account sharing (which is ok according to devs) but Stella and triple Takshaka can squeeze in ~12 trophies a minute on E9 so anyone wondering, this is humanly possible without account sharing and the user can actually get pretty nice sleep too, apparently better sleep than I do in most days! :joy:

Congrats! Not my cup of tea but respect for the effort Dampfwumme!


Thats an insane amount of trophies for one week. Well done :clap:

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Don’t be a bell end they worked hard for that score

I don’t demand respect from anyone. I express my respect (appreciation) to my guild members. Because it was a fun week playing together and because they went along with it. But haters will always be haters.
What’s so bad about it for you?
Everyone can play this game however they want.


Where am I a hater in what I said? I cannot control that you and your fellow guildmates takes a few questions and rub them in a negative meaning, when it was all asked from a neutral stand point of view, out of pure curiousity. What even has happened to this community? We can’t even ask a few questions anymore.

Calling me a hater for no reasons at all. That is not cool!

Nothing bad at all. We humans just ask questions when we doesn’t understand something.

Nobody stopping you from playing dude. Have fun playing the game the way you like.

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I don’t get spending so much time hunting trophies or anything either but I fully support everyone playing the game however they like to play it. It’s a big achievement if you’re after something like this, big dedication. :+1:

What we should all remember is that we’re all people from different countries whose native tongue may or may not be English.

Pretty sure this was a misunderstanding.


Hello :slight_smile:

Just a quick reminder to keep this thread civil, and as Sylver has mentioned that English may not be everyone’s native language, and to please be patient with one another!

PS: Congratulations on the record!

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What a number - awesome, congratz, Dampfwumme! :boom: :boom: :boom:

When I set my personal trophy record, it was the week after an operation in which I had to stay in bed.
Everything can be different than you think. :slight_smile: