Weekly trophy record: 66,666 - A challenge

I just wanted to share (okay and a little bit of brag) that I have broken my previous weekly trophy record in Sons of Anarchy. It was 55,001 and now it is 66,666! Other than the number being perfect, I want to challenge others to take this even further.

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No thanks.


jeeez I remember on my old account at level 300 I kept getting 200k seals but that was my shatteredsoul account sadly still switch system though I’m going to send you a dm.

What does any of that mean? That doesn’t make any sense.

:smiley: Fair enough, here is my response:

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meaning I grinded both pvp and explore all day long.

me: remembers pokémon go

2k seals is the maximum amount you can get weekly, outside of getting minor/major orb of clan, which give 300 and 1500 seals. He’s talking about trophies, not seals. And no, you didn’t get 200k trophies in a week.

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its different for Nintendo switch

LOL (10 characters)

Great job @Cronus. :muscle:

Keep breaking records. We are here to salute you. :trophy: :medal_sports:

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How long did this take? :open_mouth:

A week. :slight_smile: joke aside, playing a lot during that week, about 20 hours on average.(give or take) and obviously doing other stuff while playing.

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Gratz @Cronus !

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Did you sleep? That sounds exhausting! Is that 20 hours per day?

Yes 20 hours per day and I did sleep. Some days a few hours. Some days close to none and some days a bit longer.

In terms of being tiring, a bit. But I am used to put 40-50K trophies per week, so I have some muscles from before :wink:

Talk is cheap @Cronus

What do you mean? Sorry, I don’t think I got it.

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I love this game. It (more previously but still) encourages grind and you get more benefits if you play more.

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