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NEW single player weekly trophy record. APACH3 with an astonishing 30k


Finally Apach3, Allissa and Patje got to eat some, take a shower and have a little walk for fresh air.


Oddly, also the price of the divorce lawyer;)


2000 seals…what were they thinking? Slackers.

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Man I’m in the wrong profession.

Speaking from experience? That’s a heavy price to pay.

My guild got our new record, like 37K or something.

i’m guessing you all must have farmed trophies 12 hours a day for a week ?

Some serious gaming dedication there.

I just cannot understand why anyone would want to do this, or be proud of it.


Obviously grinding their life away to unlock that next guild background, you know, the one where 90% of it is hidden by the guild UI anyway. Very important to have that.


The reason was to break the previous record set by someone else


Who cares? It’s well known that “players” use students etc to back up these ridiculous levels. If you did it it solo you would be sectioned.

Apparently, you do, by replying …


There are only 10,080 minutes in a week…

any Idea how long that took? I don’t have Phoenecia so I can’t say from experience but a very rough calculation I estimate:

  • 4 ex5 per minute = 8 trophies
  • 30,000/8 = 3750 minutes
  • 3750 minutes = 62.5 hours
    62.5/7 = 9 hours a day (rounding up)

Since you have to take into consideration loading animations, I’m guessing 4 per minute is about as fast as you’d be able to go. Also this is assuming you played like a robot, consistently pulling off the fastest speed possible.

Does that sound about right?

I would say 3 per minute on average would be more realistic.

Started first 2 days with 5k a day. Then went down to 4K for next couple of days. Then hammered the vault weekend. 16 hour days on average. At high speed, was getting 360 per hour, 250-300 rest of time.


Dude you guys are way too sensitive and did you not see the :stuck_out_tongue: emoti?