Surplus Ingots

So we’ve all got roughly an infinite amount of surplus Ingots!!! Feel free to splatter this with all your abhorrent idea’s for what they could be used for,and maybe the devs will deem this lowly chat worthy of there time and may spark an epiphany of there own. Maybe… or maybe not… Suggestions commence…go.

Soulforge recipes.

For forge scrolls, for missing weapons.


100% this!! Especially since the diff files indicate forge scrolls are coming to the Soulforge.

How about some item we could forge to increase xp on classes. Surely this would be great for newer players. Or xp to level your account.

There’s no precedent, nor any in-game “lore” reason why ingots could become Class XP :man_shrugging:


Leonis Tower if you have over 250 Legendary Ingots and The Emperor in your Inventory. They may prove useful if you’re planning to get the paywalled weapons (eg. Crescendo, Sun and Moon, Festival Staff)

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Using soulforge to upgrade ingots upgraded every owned weapon

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Maybe we could use ingots to build a storage bunker next to the guild hall? It sure gets tiresome to lug those treasure maps around, and throwing them away may incur fines for littering.


Melt ingots down and forge them into vault keys?
An epic vault key might require a few mythic, several legendary, numerous epic, etc.


Maybe we should donate them to the devs so they crack on sort the treasure hunt out.!!