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Mythic Ingots - Useless Resource Now?

So, if classes are now complete; if you have unlocked each of the class weapons - and fully upgraded them … you will no longer have a need for mythic ingots, correct?

We are now in a weird position where legendary ingots serve an ongoing purpose (mostly useless event weapons), but mythics would not.

Is there a plan to release mythic items? Or something to convert them to - e.g. forge scrolls for doom weapons, perhaps?


I’d love this but wouldn’t count on it any time soon. Still waiting on a useful exchange opportunity for thousands of treasure maps, traitstones, etc. that have been around a lot longer than ingots.


See Orbs of Growth, Orbs of Wisdom, Gold Keys, Souls etc etc etc for more details…


Mythic Ingots…

You must be new here :face_with_monocle:

But yes, gold ingots too. I hear another batch of purple weapons are on the way though.

Gold keys net resources you can use. Wisdom orbs save stones. Etc.


Occasionally, if I’m short of eg Gems, I’ll open a bunch of Gold Chests, but, for Endgame Players, you’re not short of resources or Traitstones or Souls or…

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Souls, once all troops are at Mythic and level 20, still require another 40ish mil to get everything fully medaled.

It would be great if all surplus resources could be reforged into gems. Even if it was 1000 common ingots or 50 arcane traitstones into 1 gem.

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See screenshot above and contextualise with this Company’s history of selling ‘valuables’ to unsuspecting new players.
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They’re still valuable to new players.
It’s the veteran players that may not know that more Mythic weapons aren’t in the schedule. That could get buyers remorse.


I would never criticize a company for trying to make money as that is the exact purpose of their existence. No one is forcing anyone to buy it so I don’t see the problem. Players are supposed to do their own due diligence. God bless capitalism.

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I still believe they would net more revenue by offering things that are reasonably priced instead of the extortionate amounts being charged now for almost everything.

Just my opinion.