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Sunspear Class event crashes

I have noticed that when doing the Sunspear class event that it crashes when using the flamesoul +10
It seems to be only when i used the flamesoul the game would freeze all graphics still work such as burning the fire still burns and submerge on my characters still twirl round but some of the gems that were destroyed were gone but left empty.

After trying three times and it crashed everytime I decided to use Mang +9 and it works fine.

Sorry for no screen shot as I am new here and do not know how to do that yet.

Hope this information helps.
Michael aka Zoltan( gem of wars )

It’s a relatively known issue:



Current player speculation is the bug happens when the enemy the affix wants to target is killed before the affix applies. As a special bonus, if your GW defense uses this you can crash the other player’s game and rack up wins.

Using Mang is probably a good workaround for now. A lot of people don’t upgrade weapons due to how many issues weapon upgrades tend to introduce. :confused:

Hey, thanks for reporting this. We’re aware of this issue and currently investigating it.

What Mana color were you targeting? How many troops of that colour were there?
How long had the game been open for beforehand?
Did this happen the first time you used the Weapon?
What did you do before you entered this battle? What game mode did you play?
Which device model are you playing on and which OS version do you have installed?