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Invasion/Raids Crescent Crashing Ending Hopes

Platform, device version and operating system
_e.g. Android, Samsung Galaxy S9+

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
The victory screen to appear. Instead the game freezes. And when I minimize it, it restarts the game.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
At least once a month in Invasions or Raids

Steps to make it happen again
Before I start the match. If on my phone I go to check the forums, send a text, or use discord. Then the game may crash at the end of the match. Only game modes it happens with are Raids and Invasions. May have to do with uploading images in the other apps. Don’t know for sure.

Second crash.
This time nothing was uploaded before the match. And no other app was used. The match before this one gave me sigils. So I doubt this one was supposed to.

Game restarted.
Went to do a new match… And here we are again.
Guess that’s my sign not to do Invasions this week. :+1:

Looks like you’re using Hope’s Crescent, and I’m going to assume it’s fully upgraded to +9. There is currently an issue when using the weapon to finish off a battle when it’s upgraded that far. There is an article about it here:



I’m not going to jump back and forth between making a ticket and using the forums. Submitting a ticket was tedious enough. To add extra hurdles to the process with zero compensation in regards to gems is ridiculous imo. So I’ll decline the instructions of “submit a technical support ticket”.
But still help by answering the questions here:

Please contact Support with “Technical Issue” selected and find the following information:

What was the last thing you did before the game froze in the match? Cast Hope’s Crescent I assume based on my SS.
How did the game freeze:
Was anything selectable? No.
Were there animations playing? No.
Or, was everything completely frozen? Yes.
What weapon is your Hero using? Hopes Crescent fully upgraded.
What game modes does this happen in? Invasions
What Class, Talents, and Traits did you Hero have when the issue happened?
Fully Traited

Hey AW! Thanks for your report. :slight_smile: The article at the time mentioned to contact support but if you’ve already made a report here there is no need. I’m not sure what you mean exactly by no compensation, support will always compensate for issues we can identify.

The QA team has verified the problem. This is caused by using weapons with certain affixes, please check out this article for further details on the issue. Please also check your in-game mail.

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We’ve had this discussion before Cyrup. The policy used to be that bug reports that weren’t already known issues would be Rewarded with gems for taking the time to report the bug.
I understand that in this case it was already a known issue and therefore wouldn’t be rewarded with gems under the old policy.
It would probably be beneficial if the article instructed to report on the forums or submit a ticket.

Thanks for clarifying, I didn’t know what you were referring to!

We don’t need players to contact us about this issue, the team believes they’ve identified it so they’re working on a fix. The “Submit a request” button is still at the bottom of the article if needed. There is also a link to contact support in the article itself.

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Now an issue in Raids as well…
Screen Froze and game crashed after casting crescent to end the battle.
Is the fix not coming until 4.0?

This last one crashed my device as well. :exploding_head:

I try to avoid casting it to end the match as much as possible. But unfortunately sometimes it’s necessary.

Didn’t see the skulls until after I casted. 🤦
This was a Valraven match.

As if you needed another reason to never spend ingots!

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As the article outlines, the fix is not coming until 4.0 and it affects any weapon with the affixes that are mentioned in the aritcle. :slight_smile:

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I thought the bug was only related to the Invasions. Live and learn.
Are sigils no longer reimbursed now that it’s a known issue?
Knowing about the issue doesn’t reimburse the Ingots I used to upgrade a weapon. That I only upgraded because I use it in Raids and Invasions.
I’m sure it’s an inconvenience to have to go in and issue my account sigils that were lost due to a bug. Perhaps more time should be spent QA testing new troops and weapons before they’re released. That way inconveniences like this won’t occur for the player or the staff.

Oh and had it happen again. A few hours ago. Didn’t see the need to SS since I think I already know the answer to my question above.
Despite the bug, that I guess was my fault for upgrading my weapon. It still gives me the best chance of victory in the raids or at least higher chance of doing damage to Zuul’Goth. Which really says a lot about the other options we have for weapons and troops. That a broken one is still superior.
Me having to choose between losing the match because of the bug or trying to win without casting HC. Just plays into the casino like element that GoW has adopted as of late.
Except when a slot machine doesn’t work. It’s not allowed to be used. Or has the money (sigils) reimbursed to the customer… They aren’t just told… Well you should’ve read the sign posted by the front door before going straight for the slot Machine.

Can you please make sure 4.0 includes a reason or several to upgrade weapons?

Between “freezing the game” and “adding randomness to weapons that don’t have it” the game is set up to encourage us to NOT upgrade them. I don’t even know how many ingots I have because I’m scared to use one lest I inherit something that makes me lose more.

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