☀ Join A Hidden Gem - Casual and Serious Players ☀

Looking to join a casual guild? We don’t require much, except that you try to log in daily and contribute gold/seals every day.

The guild is “A Hidden Gem”, level 171 guild, rank 319, 220% daily gold bonus with 8 spots open. We are an old casual guild, that has been around since the game came out on mobile.

Our Masteries are LV 56-61.

PM me or respond with your invite code and I’ll get you in.

EDITED March 3, 2017


Are there still any openings, if so my invite code is … Glennscarb. I am level 45 and play daily.

Invite sent!

I’m a newer player (lvl 33) but I play daily and would like to join an active guild.
My invite code is Lelani_7

I have been a console player with some success. Switching to mobile so I can take it with me. Just getting started though. About level 30. I’ll be super active trying to get this account off the ground if you’ll have me.

Went to send you an invite, but you’re in another guild. Sorry for the late reply.

Same with you hoscotch, tried to invite but you’re in another guild.

Anyone still looking to join?? Reply with invite code and i’ll get you in :slight_smile:

I’d like to join your guild. I’m rank 70, I play daily, and I’m active. I also do PvP. My invite code is KEVV.

Invite sent!

2 spots just opened up if anyone is looking for a casual group :smiley:

i would like to join I’m lvl 55 if there are still empty slots

Invite code EIJI 3

Hi Geiji,

It says that name doesn’t exist. Are you on mobile or PC? The invite code is at the bottom of the settings page (the gear).


oh sry i think its EIJI_3. Im on pc playing on steam

Went to send you an invite but game says you’re in another guild. Lemme know if you’re still interested

Invite code is QUANE. Just started playing this week, but I’m level 55, already have 1500 seals contributed, pvp’d to Tier 1 + have DK armor.

Invite sent!

Hi, started playing the game on monday and looking for an active guild (I was the only one with 1500 seals in my previous guild). I also passed rank 1 in pvp and bought 2 small things just to pass vip rank 2.
Invite name is KELEVLA.

Invite sent!

Hey mosby93,

would be nice to get invited.
I’m level 188, playing daily, and will spend every time I play.
Just searching for an active guild, but not hardcore playing!

My invite name is “Le Schmidt”

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