Suncrest troops not working!

In multiple places I have found that a “Suncrest troop” is not recognized. I have made many mods to the troop and nothing yields the bonus (for example in the Campaign Tasks. This is BS.

Are you including your Hero with a class other than Stormcaller?

If you are, it won’t count as a Suncrest team.

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And your hero needs to be leveled with souls to at least level 10 for it to count as troop.


Nope, well-levelled Hero, yes Stormcaller…
but how about, even with 4 Suncrest troops!!!

Very strange.

Do you have any screen shots?

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As well, if you are trying to get say the pet bonuses etc, it has to be 4 DIFFERENT Suncrest troops to get the full bonus.

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