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Suncrest only has 1 Legendary, Can't Level up

There is only one Legendary troop in Suncrest. How can we collect 2 Legendary troops to help advance to Power Level 7? It does not state “Not achievable yet” so it implies it’s something we can obtain right now, not in the future.



I think it’s just an oversight from the devs. All new kingdoms are being released with two legendaries now, and most of the old kingdoms also have two legendaries, so maybe they simply didn’t checked this requirement to actually show the “Not achievable yet” message.

Thanks for letting us know! At this point in time there isn’t a second legendary in Suncrest, so I will pass this on.

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It should also be noted that players who already had 7 stars prior to 3.5 were grandfathered in. While everyone else is unable to make 7 stars on Suncrest presently.


The issue with the text not appearing in this instance will be fixed in 4.0. :slight_smile:


Thank goodness

But players won’t be able to get the Kingdom to 7 stars until Suncrest has new troops including a Legendary one?

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Then be patient and wait. They’ll have another legendary for Suncrest eventually