Of these 7 troops, aside from Tezca, which ones are live?

I’m starting to think only Tezzy’s the one you can get right now; I haven’t opened a LOT of chests but even I know I shoulda gotten more than the kingdom epic. This is on PS4.

They should all be in there, @Verdugo seems to have gotten all of them (not sure if he’s on Xbox or PS4 though)

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The game does have over 300 troops now so this is more likely to happen. I had to wait until Suncrest event chests to get half the UR+ rarity troops.

I’ve got all the current Suncrest troops, yes. I’m on the PS4, too.

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Cant you guys just get all the troops for free? Seems like that should be in your benefits package😀

I could but I like opening chests, and chests gives me copies of troops so I can mythic things.


I have them all on Xbox one.

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I got them all but Garuda, and it took a couple thousand gold chests to even get all the rares.

Hey, I just wanted to say that even though you had a DM troop up front (Czyczystcyzcyz?) thanks for running something out of the ordinary team wise on Defend for Guild Wars. It was a very refreshing change!

I only had one Famine, and wanted that troops’ Jinx ability to stack so I tried it out. It’s been getting about a 50% win rate although that includes normal PvP as well as guild wars. I switched out my class from DK because I wanted to work on other hero class wins so thought that might be an interesting team. Glad you liked it! Hope it gave you trouble! :blush:

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No trouble at all sorry :smiley: , just a fun change. I noticed that (Czyczyzzz?) troop immediately and recalled it does DM on Skull damage. I never could get it to work in a team myself. Getting a 50% Defend win rate is nice! Congrats on that, anything over 33% is a keeper.

I just finished all three new classes today, 250 wins per class takes some doing.