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Suncrest needs more troops

Hi everyone.

Recently I have been trying to get my kingdoms to max star level and I noticed that after leveling up all the currently available troops belonging to Suncrest, the highest star level I managed to get is 5.

Granted all my troops are only at legendary but still I dont think 1 extra level of each would be enough to push it to 10 stars.

Any way to include more troops into this kingdom to make it easier to level up? What do you guys think, or am I missing something here?

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Honestly the game need more stryx in general, 6 at the moment. Also need more Naga (7). But yes hopefully they’ll give us more of these especially as the dev said 2 troops released weekley


I agree, also both races needs some rework to work better together.


+1 to this. We have very few of both naga and stryx compared to just about every other race. And going by the spoiler site, none are definitely on the agenda. I really hope some of the no troop type are one or both of these. I think all no type are mythic, but seeing as we have none of either i think we’re overdue. I would be excited for that. Much more excited than i am about the different sub races of elves the devs spoke of. We already have many of those, naga and stryx would be welcome variety.

More troops will be coming to Suncrest. :slight_smile:


Suncrest is one of the newer kingdoms, so it naturally has fewer troops than some that have been around since the start of the game.

I’m sure there’s a list somewhere of when each kingdom appeared but I’m too lazy to look for it right now! :grin: But here are all the kingdoms introduced since I started playing:

Blackhawk…Oct? 2016
Silverglade… Jan? 2017
Suncrest…Apr? 2017
Urskaya…July? 2017
Merlantis…Oct? 2017
Bright Forest… Coming end of Jan 2018?

I’m just picturing Suncrest with a “HELP WANTED” sign on it


Suncrest can currently get to 7 stars, that’s really good for a kingdom that has been around less than a year.

Um yeah, but well this is obviously going to be coming… it’s only quite a recent kingdom…