New Kingdom - Suncrest

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New Kingdom: Suncrest

Welcome to the home of the Stryx, and their God-King, Garuda.

Join Tezca, the mysterious Lapina, on her quest to teach the Stryx some humility, and collect 7 new troops including: the Chupacabra, the Heronath, the Owleth, a Jaguar Warrior, and the Sylph, along with Tezca and Garuda themselves!


First! Fun story so far, but now getting a ton of “lost connections” I didn’t have before the update :confounded:

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love the sylph brings back old memories :grinning:

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Yay new cool stuff :smiley:

Well done devs. And Garuda things have Naga Slayer, which pleases me.

These new troops look absolutely awesome.

Quick question: Will these new troops be available come the release of the next kingdom?

Just getting the most of of my resources, that’s all.

When I saw Tezca in Nimhain’s forum avatar, I thought it was a teaser for a new hero outfit.

Embarrassed spelled wrong.

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That is… embarrassing.


A little misspelling ain’t quite as embarrassing to a bloodthirsty Aztec god like Tezca :imp: as it is with him getting upstaged by a Pink Easter Bunny? :stuck_out_tongue:
:rabbit2: :unicorn: :rainbow:


wait is the kingdom released or is this just an announcement that it’s coming?

If it’s released, am I missing the new troops list somewhere?

Go in game to Suncrest and use show all. They’ll be there.

There is a list of what they were expected to be in the spoilers thread, but might as well go right in game.

I’m on Console so I can’t do that, but was just curious to see the new troops.

New kingdom (storyline spoilers):

New troops (in table):

Individual troops:


wrong: nahmen
right: nahem

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I don’t really know where to post this but I’m loving the skulls


just restarted the game now, it was a small update, me too want rabbit skulls :smiley:


thanks! 10 char

They inspire neither fear nor loathing, lol.

Now to figure out the new counter that popped up in the middle of a battle what that was all about.

And I take it there are no troops in the chests yet??? (I just wasted all my glory and gold keys)