Suicidal Thrall

Hello everyone! Sorry I didn’t have much time to participate lately, but I’m back to talk about a serious issue.

There is a real problem in Kyrstara today, and we need to talk about it. I know it’s not easy, but we need to stage an intervention. Thralls are suicidal. There, you have it. The word is out. There is no coming back from it, no denying possible.

Thralls have lost all identity since they’ve been enslaved, and don’t even value their lives any more. But let me explain further…

There are two units in GoW that take two damage each time they cast their spells. The first one is the Berserker. If he’s down to 2 health points, he’ll hold down, clinging to life in his last breath on the off chance he might strike some unit or two before he dies and leaves in a blaze of glory. The thralls though? They let go. Down to their two last hit points, they’ll cast their spells, no matter what. Even if they are the last men standing on their team. It’s not their fault, they were slaves, they’re conditioned that way. They’ll always sacrifice themselves, that’s what they’ve heard their whole lives. But something has to be done about it.

If I have to win yet another Arena match seeing my opponent’s last troop go kamikaze, I’ll just fall into depression. Thralls are human beings, they deserve some love and self-caring. Let’s do something about it, people of Kyrstara!

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I’ve never been much a fan of the Thrall’s spell. Seems way to niche to justify a 2-HP hit.

The Thralls are selfless heroes. They know their sacrifice clears the way for their allies to destroy the enemy. They channel their blood, to power their allies. Then when the time is right, they sacrifice themselves for victory!

Plus, where do you think Skeletons come from. :wink:

The Thrall is a great common. I have him in several groupings. One which seems pretty strong is Thrall, Skeleton, Giant Spider, Ice Witch. Every purple match is +3, then +2 from the banner. The Thrall fills really fast, and 2 damage is nothing vs the mana acceleration, board shake, and conditional extra turn. A heavy Purple/Red Board will let him cast 3 or more times in a row, powering the Skeleton’s extra turns, as well as the Ice Witch’s Arcane.

Thrall is troop I’m fine troop, my problem is that they ALWAYS cast their spell, even if it kills them, and even if they are the very last troop of the line-up. They should just stop once they’re only at 2 HP, like the Berserker does.

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:hands out buttons: “Save the thralls!” “Thralls deserve better!” “Thralls are human type too!”

Thralls are just worthless chattels of their great sorcerous masters… It is their honour and duty to expend their futile lives to empower their betters…

It’s the AI difference in the Berserker that concerns me… They are homicidal warriors, crazed with bloodlust, maddened into a battle frenzy with no regard for their own safety… Until they’re almost dead and then they suddenly sober up and get all sensible about things?

Stranger things have happened…
(Apologies for going off topic)