I think it's high time the devs answered the most pressing question in all of GoW

Just what exactly is Sacred Guardian so embarrassed about? Why does he wear an expression of overwhelming shame? For what does he eternally apologize?



I was in hopes for a controversial thread. I am sad now. :frowning:

Yeah, sorry @Tard_Carnival I was expecting something a little more profound…

As if there’s anything more profound than the crushing depression weighing down the sacred guardian’s soul.

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The Sacred Guardian is depressed because he knows the PC/mobile and console incarnations of himself are out of sync.

I bet he accidentally used Moloch as a litter box, filling Whitehelm with the stench of smouldering cat scat.

He’s not depressed, he’s thinking

Totally saw it coming. Not exactly this, but I knew it was a joke topic the moment it said “most pressing”.

Sacred Guardian is sorrowful because it it a being of peace. Being trapped in a game known as “Gems of War” is proof it will never see the light of true peace, and is so eternally crushed under the knowing of it’s stand against eternal conflict that will never reach the stone hearts of the people.

Or maybe it’s because it’s dressed up like a circus animal and hates performing tricks during Whitehelm’s seasonally celebrated festivals. Greasy kids always touching it’s luxurious mane and all that.

If Sacred Guardian were a dog I’d say that’s the “Whoops, you caught me on the couch again” look.

He’s mortified that his spell benefits himself at the expense of another being.

Despite his shame and self-doubt, deep down he’s jerk who will kill you to save himself and he knows it.