Warlord IV and summoned creature

I’m playing Thralls to the wall challenge (5 stars) at warlord IV mode. When the fight begin the thrall has this stat
attack 10
life 32
armor 4

during the fight the dark master has summoned another thrall
He’s got this stat
attack 45
life 144

It’s a problem or is normal?

He is the slave that overthrew his slave master. xD

I believe it’s “normal” : Dark Master spells create a Thrall with Thrall’s level scaling with Dark Master’s magic. Since his magic is multiplied by 3 in warlord 4, I guess that Thrall should be somewhere around lvl 36… And has his stats multiplied by 3 too !

Check mate :wink:

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Looks like the Thrall stats are all 9x what the base is.

Any chance you clicked on the Thrall and remember his level?

I’m wondering if he’s level 36 with 200% stats, since the Dark Master’s Magic stat would be +200%.

That’s extremely odd. When dorkorwhatever came out I Brian boosted his magic extremely high, but the monster maxed out at level 15 stats.

Yeah, I also noticed Doffalkhar’s summon was and IS STILL capped at lvl 15 (tested that like 2 weeks ago). But that might be because Doffalkhar creates a unit that doesn’t exist in unit lists. Making it, yet again, the worst summoning card ever…

Clearly, that new Thrall is named Sparticus.

Summons can never go be level 15 (regardless of magic).

How many Thralls did he summon before that Thrall?

Well, I tried it.
Indeed, Dark Master’s spell reads that it will summon a Thrall level 15, and the thrall IS level 15.

However, he has the stats shown in above picture.
(To answer @Nimhain, it was a first summon).

By the way, all it’s stats are multiples of 9, meaning he might have stats +800% instead of +200% for some reason.
(Magic lvl is 36, meaning he will destroy 40 gems in one spell, scarry !)

Still gave him a good beating with my monstrosity of a Green Slime :smiley:

Cheers! I’ll do some testing internally and see if we can work out what’s happening.

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Thanks All :slight_smile:
The picture show a second summing, the first summing has the same stat

The stats of the summon should not pick up the bonus, so if it does I consider it a bug.

Do your summons pick up bonus from either kingdoms or party?