Infernal King is on 'roids... *sigh*


Yeah… Is this ever getting fixed?

GG, hell-spawn.


Well… I guess the spell name is very adequate in this case :grin:


Just devour again… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is no longer a possibility. :laughing:




Its an interaction glitch between summons (Immortal acts as a summon for IK) and difficulty. If the troop-to-be-summoned is loaded into memory with difficulty boosted stats (due to either being on the initial team in the current battle or a previous battle), said troop gets the difficulty stat bonus applied on again using the base as whatever difficulty boosted stats the troop had. Warlord 4 gives x3 stats to the base, and x3 stats again to the summon, giving you a x9 troop.

I explained all the various interactions here:

No official word on a fix, to my knowledge.


We’re looking into the cause at the moment.