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A webbed Dark Master summoning THIS lvl 1 Thrall

I was playing in warlord IV*


That’s one seriously pissed-off submissive


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It’s not a bug, it’s FEATURE, devs were afraid, that web too stronk, so they already developed counter. :smile_cat:

It’s a bug related to difficulty stat bonuses. From my experience every summoned troop has its stats additionally multiplied by 3. This does not happen in normal mode.

Its not just the difficulty bonus being applied twice, because it doesn’t happen in every battle. It is however 100% reproducible in the Zhul’Kari challenge “Reaver”, which has the spider swarm base troop present and the giant spider to summon it. Zaejin’s “Minon Raid”, however, does not appear to have this issue, and no ghoul is present when the game starts. I suspect this has something to do this this part of the bug. It looks like if the troop doesnt exist when the battle starts, the new entity has difficulty stat bonuses applied when they are summoned. However, the troop does exist, it uses that one instead of creating a new one from defaults data (or player data, in the case of casual PvP). The problem is the stats of this troop are stored as their already difficulty boosted values (x3 in the case of Warlord IV), and when it summons it, they are boosted again.

This still doesn’t explain why a level 1 thrall has level 15 stats (x9), though.

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The same thing happened in other difficulty and another challenge:

Warlord III


That same challenge for me on Warlord IV without webbing the Dark Master produced a Thrall with normal stats. Using Web produced a level 1 with level 15 stats appropriate for the difficulty (x3, not x9).

It looks like Web is just being ignored for enemy summons altogether and despite them being put at level 1, they remain at their max level stats. This doesnt appear to be what is triggering the super summon glitch but another issue in and of itself.

I would have said maybe the buffer wasn’t cleared from the earlier battle, but that wouldn’t explain why you got a x4 level 15 thrall there, since your earlier battle had x3 stats.

Which battle was the first super summon in?

Thralls to the Wall. (Darkstone).

Okay, after doing Thralls to the Wall and getting a super summon from there, I went to Dark Army without restarting the client. Stat glitch triggered, as expected:

Here it is without web:

When I reduced the difficulty to Warlord I and immediately went back into that challenge, I got the result I theorized earlier:

These stats are 4.5x a normal level 15 thralls stats. Meaning the x3 base one was still in the buffer (I’m not privy to exactly how they store and retrieve this kind of data, but evidence is pointing to this), and my now 150% difficulty bonus got applied to that one, with an end result of a 4.5x.

(did another with the Dark Master webbed before summon for good measure, just to show it doesnt affect stats)

So I decided to test this theory by jumping back into Thralls to the Wall, clearing it without letting summon, and going back to Dark Army staying on Warlord I. Results:

Those stats are 2.25 times base level 15 stats.

My guess is that maybe you did a challenge that had a Thrall in it at Warlord III between the time you did the Thralls to the Wall challenge and before you did the Dark Army challenge, which was why it was x4 and not x12 as I predicted earlier. But all evidence seems to be pointing to this as a trigger to the super summon glitch.

The Web glitch is just that it is lowering the level of the summons without actually affecting their stats at all. I am curious to know if this applies to all forms of magic debuffing, but I just don’t have the time to test that now.

I think we can forward this information onto the devs @Sirrian @Nimhain



I did Thralls to the Wall again but this time without web and look:

I think Dark Master is buged. :confused:

Not just Thrall from Dark Master, any summoner that has had the troop-to-be-summoned loaded into memory from a previous (or the current) challenge with a difficulty modifier will suffer this same issue. As I said earlier, this is also quite easily reproduced with Giant Spider/Spider Swarm in the Zhul’Kari challenges.

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