Hi guys I know that there are helpful guides everywhere but I wish for your personal take on this…I am at level 353, got all kingdoms to level 10, got all Krystara kingdoms and I participate always in Guild and events but what is the best next objective?.. shall I try to get all classes to level 20 or something else would be beter…I’m stuck…thanks!

There’s so many options!

You could work on your kingdom power. It’s the best way to get extra stats.

Use a site like that can make that easier for you. To progress on kingdom power, you’ll need more troops, more traits, more souls, underworld troops (delves and chaos shards etc), upgraded classes…

Some alternatives… You could aim to trait all troops. Or get all hero classes to champion level 40. Or get into delves.


Have you obtained some good kingdom weapons, yet? For example, I like Essence of Evil from Darkstone.

I got Warlords Battlecry leveled up which I quite like…

Join a good active guild is the best tip anyone can give. If you’re the most active member of your current guild that’s a sign it’s time to find a better one.

Be sure to do the daily activities every day. These are the Adventure Board, the Dungeon, and the Delves. No need to advance the delves just yet, just keep clearing every room in lv 20 CIty of Thieves every day 3 times to start building up a supply of chaos shards you will need in the future.