Exiting Early-Game: Questions Concerning Longer-Term Goals

I’ve been actively playing for a couple months now. I’ve unlocked all overworld kingdoms and am working my way through bringing them all up to level 10– already have all the magic and attack kingdoms leveled. I have City of Thieves up to quality 10 in the Underworld for ingot farming and am working on getting a bit of faction renown in each Underworld faction.

I’m assuming my perspective is meant to shift more toward guild activities at this point, particularly once I have all of my overworld kingdoms leveled. Is this correct? What should I be looking to achieve at this stage?

Also, I’m wondering what sorts of teams I should be looking to build now. I already have a few good Legendaries, but finding good teambuilding advice seems difficult. Further, should I be looking to add more Legendaries to my collection via the Soulforge, or should I move straight to crafting Mythics? Which ones are most important to get first?

My collection is here, for reference.

Never craft a legendary. They will show up soon enough. IMO, the best mythics in the game are Arachean Weaver and TINA-9000. Save up for them if you can, they’re worth it.

Have you started working on hero classes? Titan, Sentinal and Thief give good bonuses and weapons.

Of course, the best thing you can do is get in an active guild that complete tasks and participates in guild events.


I would add High King Irongut and The Possessed King to the list of “essential mythics”. If any of those four appears in the Soul Forge, you won’t regret spending the diamonds to craft them.

In order to keep progressing in the game, you will need lots of copies of troops. This means opening lots of keys, which leads me to echo the above point: get into an active guild as soon as you can. (Maybe you are in one already—I don’t recognize your guild’s name.)

Start considering speed builds for certain game modes. Rowanne hits like a truck against low-level enemies, so for farming Delves or Explores at difficulty 3 or less she is a great troop to level.


Kingdoms to level 10 :white_check_mark:

Farming delve at quality 10 :white_check_mark:

Next step is to slowly grow your kingdom Power level to increase tribute chance and tribute reward. Hourly loot is obviously important, kingdoms get double tribute at power level 2, and power level 4 gives double tribute chance.

But the most important thing, is find the best guild that will take you, and many of the PC top guilds have low level feeder guilds.

I would argue it is very worthwhile for new players to craft The Dragon Soul for soul farming.


And Dragon Soul is just a good all around troop for getting gems for the team and doing damage to everyone. I still use him with my red/purple killer team.

This is also true. His damage is actually very high in early game.

As others have said get into a good guild. If you are constantly one of the top earners in your current guild you need a more active one.

As for goals, I would say to aim for getting all kingdoms to 5 stars, then 7 stars etc. Requirements here:

Another goal that you can work on simultaneously is to fully trait and level all the troops that you have. Farming explore with The Dragon Soul will be your best bet in this regard.

Purchasing the Deathknight Armor will be the best investment you could make in GoW for long term benefits. If you are really enjoying the game and can see yourself playing for years to come I would highly recommend this purchase.


I rolled The Dragon Soul in a glory chest on my second day iirc. I’ve been soul farming with him for quite awhile now. Very useful. I also already have the class weapons for Titan and Thief. I’ll look into Sentinel.

I bought the Deathknight Armor after my first week or two of play, once I figured out I would be spending enough time on this game for it to be worthwhile.

So, it sounds like getting a good guild and increasing kingdom power levels are the next primary order of business. Thanks to those who gave Mythic recs as well.