Kingdom Power Requirements (Now Up to 20 Stars)

1 Star: +100 Gold

  • Collect 2 Troops
  • Upgrade a Troop to Level 5
  • Complete all the Quests

2 Stars: x2 Tribute

  • Collect 4 Troops
  • Upgrade 3 Troops to Level 10
  • Upgrade Kingdom to Level 5

3 Stars: +200 Gold

  • Collect 1 Weapon
  • Unlock 3 Traits on 4 Troops
  • Collect 2 Epic Troops

4 Stars: x2 Tribute Chance

  • Collect 8 Troops
  • Upgrade 5 Troops to Level 15
  • Upgrade Kingdom to Level 10

5 Stars: +1 Kingdom Skill

  • Fully upgrade a Weapon
  • Unlock 3 Traits on 7 Troops
  • Collect a Legendary Troop

6 Stars: +400 Gold

  • Collect 12 Troops
  • Upgrade 9 Troops to Level 18
  • Complete 7 Challenges at 5 Stars

7 Stars: x3 Tribute

  • Collect 3 Weapons
  • Unlock 3 Traits on 11 Troops
  • Collect 2 Legendary Troops

8 Stars: +600 Gold

  • Collect 16 Troops
  • Upgrade 14 Troops to Level 19
  • Fully Upgrade 2 Weapons

9 Stars: x3 Tribute Chance

  • Unlock the Class
  • Unlock 3 Traits on 16 Troops
  • Collect the Pet

10 Stars: +2 Kingdom Skill

  • Collect 20 Troops
  • Upgrade 18 Troops to Level 20
  • Collect the Mythic Troop

11 Stars: x3.25 Tribute Reward

  • Upgrade 20 Troops to Level 20
  • Upgrade the Class to Level 20
  • Upgrade a Pet to Level 10

12 Stars: x3.25 Tribute Chance

  • Unlock 3 Traits on 21 Troops
  • Reach Champion Level 20 in the Class
  • Collect 4 Weapons

13 Stars: x3.5 Tribute Reward

  • Upgrade 22 Troops to Level 20
  • Unlock 3 Class Traits
  • Upgrade a Pet to Level 20

14 Stars: x3.5 Tribute Chance

  • Unlock 3 Traits on 23 Troops
  • Reach Champion Level 30 in the Class
  • Fully Upgrade 3 Weapons

15 Stars: +1000 Gold

  • Level 24 Troops to Level 20
  • Reach Champion Level 40 in the Class
  • Collect 2 Pets

16 Stars: x3.75 Tribute Reward

  • Unlock 3 Traits on 25 Troops
  • Reach Champion Level 50 in the Class
  • Fully Upgrade 4 Weapons

17 Stars: x3.75 Tribute Chance

  • Upgrade 26 Troops to Level 20
  • Reach Champion Level 60 in the Class
  • Upgrade 2 Pets to Level 20

18 Stars: x4 Tribute Reward

  • Unlock 3 Traits on 27 Troops
  • Reach Champion Level 70 in the Class
  • Fully Upgrade 6 Weapons

19 Stars: x4 Tribute Chance

  • Upgrade 28 Troops to Level 20
  • Reach Champion Level 80 in the Class
  • Collect 3 Pets

20 Stars: +3 Kingdom Skill

  • Unlock 3 Traits on 29 Troops
  • Reach Champion Level 100 in the Class
  • Fully Upgrade 8 Weapons



Nothing to see here that @fishinia hasn’t already posted above.


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was just about to say i did not have any at 3 stars to check!

Thanks for screenshots everyone! Updated. :smiley:

Complete List (hope you can read it)



So, it appears that low-level, power-leveling is seemingly no longer (as if it were ever a thing)…

In before the nerf!?

That’s some fascinating information about future kingdom power levels.

Quite interesting that the troop power curve flattens out significantly after 10. On the other hand, for the people unhappy with Power Level 8 as it is currently… you might not want to look at this chart. Just saying.

And with pets… looks like I predicted the requirements pre-3.5 beta correctly. Actually, it looks like I was right on the bullseye. Glad I’m farming those pet events now.

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I know it’s already been said, but the 2 weapon requirement for 8-star is completely absurd. It’s one of the reasons I’m considering quitting the game.


We must do something for the 2 weapons at level 8 !

It will take whole months for a single star. There are 33 kingdoms do not forget.


Eventually having to fully upgrade 8 weapons for each kingdom feels quite… harsh at current ingot availability. The Champion level requirements pretty much look like an auto-complete though. Level 20 for 12 stars, level 30 for 14 stars, level 40 for 15 stars? Even level 100 is easier than fully upgrading those two weapons for 8 stars.


Yeah, the weapon thing wouldn’t be so bad, if they rarity levels weren’t so bad. For example, asking us to upgrade 2 common weapons is a lot more achievable than 2 Legendary ones. Its all about what the kingdom has, and as it stands right now, it’s more toward the high rarity stuff, which makes it a huge pain.

Honestly, it’s part of the reason why I don’t like this update. Size wise, it feels like we got two updates, but execution wise, it feels like we got half of each update. All this kingdom reworking with nothing to back it up (or very poor things like having to rely on too many high rarity weapons or needing Zuul’Goth, right now, to up Karakoth, before the 10 Star mark. Granted, that will be Hell when it comes too). It all really makes the new leveling systems a bust for now.

The pet thing can also stink, because unless it’s a set weekly event, it’s so random. Our Guild is really active with Rescues but even a lot of us are still missing a few and yet have gotten another one 5x over. It really can be a crap shoot.

The Mythic is also problematic, because even if you’re a good player, you still have to have a lot of luck in chests or pray you have the resources when something comes up in the Forge. Though, this is nothing new, I know.

All I can say is I’m glad the Pet and Mythic aren’t tied to lower star levels. And, also, that the weapon stuff needs to not lean so heavy one way. Other than that, I guess it’s okay. Though, unlike the old system, this one now forces you to do the Challenges, and personally, I can think of much more beneficial ways to spend my time, but what are you going to do? Is what it is, I guess.


Thanks heaps! This is just the sort of info we need.

It’s a shame they don’t have a Game Guide like for Diablo III.

Also a shame that the Wiki isn’t being kept updated. :frowning:

Gee! Can’t wait for the next Common / Rare weapon to help speed along things. (lol)

Adana is a pretty major problem. Without crafting one of the elemental weapons (With one of the six colored diamonds), the lowest tier for the kingdom is Legendary! If you count the elemental weapon, then the lowest tier is epic but it is pretty brutal when you think about it. Other kingdoms with Ultra Rare, while annoying, is much more manageable compared to Legendary or Mythic.

It will be very interesting to see how many troops are released with a new kingdom under the new system. Also how many and what rarity weapons come at release. Getting 5* at release for endgamers may be a long lost dream…

I think in some case it’s actually easier.

Most new kingdom start with 8 troops. Under the old system, you have to Mythic them all and get all 24 traits. But for new system, just get it all is enough, no single acension required. It’s also require only 21 traits on 7 troops, that means you can leave one Legandary with no trait and still get there. Weapon upgrading is tough, but there is always one new Legendary weapon, which its ingots are the most plentiful, if you buy up to Tier 5 on Raid/Invasion for more than 2 week and save it up.

Now, if single Common/Rare/Ultra-rare also available, even new players could easily get new kingdom to 5 stars, if they can manage to get at least one copy of each troop. New “Completing all quests” might be a bit more time consuming, but it should only be half an hour delay for end-gamer.

So if you have some Ingots save up along with keys, it might be easier than old system.