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Suggestions for guild balance with 2.1

Ok so I am guild leader of rank 132 guild. Our “quota” has been 50k gold per week to make it reasonable and allow folks to level up their kingdoms. Now in order to get the bonuses for tasks, it will need to be raised. It’s feeling a little oppressive. How are you guys dealing with the changes? I understand if your guild is all level 500+ hardcore players who have all their kingdoms done etc etc it’s easy to get 500k per week per member but most people have jobs and families and such and there is a line that gets crossed when it goes from game to work.

When pvp was switched, I soon stopped even looking at the weekly rankings: another aspect of the game I could never compete in. Now I’ve given my friends my blessing to join another guild if they’d like because we can try as hard as we can but we will never make more than 2 completed tasks in a week.

So my question is: How are you other guild leaders adjusting/dealing with this update. Would ease it up if membership was increased to 50 but I have already been told there are no plans for this.

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Honestly, if you’re an average guild, you should enjoy the extra resources and not try for the bonus attributes.

I would suggest figuring out getting which statues to which levels get your guild the best benefits. Use the extra resources to level and 5* kingdoms.

I expect as we get to the Guild vs Guild patch, there will be some balancing based on data they are collecting now.


I do agree somewhat but I would remind you of this: a key to a successful game for a player is the emotional satisfaction from accomplishing a goal. The driving force to play one minute more is to “level up” one more traitstone for that third trait, 32 more xp to go from rank 4 to rank three. The opposite is also true, and I believe that’s why the level cap is removed. My point being if you play and play and fall short, it brings you one step closer to not playing anymore. I’m not saying I’m quitting blah blah I’m saying the psychological effects are real aspects of the game.

Edit: I am looking forward to seeing what the guild versus guild feature will add to the game :slight_smile:

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My guild has a bit higher contribution than yours, but sofar we have chosen to go only for completing purple each week. The others get to 7 or 8 out of 12, giving the greatest amount of resources possible and the best upgrades to our statues (around 70 now).
I think I would advise guilds whose statues are below 50 to spread out the donations as building up those bonuses is the best you can do at that point