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[SUGGESTION] Rework Pets to function similar to Hero/Class

I’d like to see pets work similar to the current Hero/Class functionality:

  1. Similar to setting the Hero Armor, you should have the ability to choose which “skin” to use for the pet displayed on your hero’s shoulder from among owned pets. This would give cosmetic only pets an opportunity for some actual functionality in the game.

  2. Allow the ability to set up to 3 bonuses similar to traits on the Class system. To determine how many bonuses can be set, use the Pet Mastery Level - For example, at pet mastery 300 a second bonus can be set, and at pet mastery 1000 a third bonus can be set. The pet upgrading would still work as it currently does to determine the strength of the bonuses in use.

But… you gain bonus from all your pets, not only the ones you have on your shoulder so you can use cosmetic pets if you want to…


Ah. Thanks for the info. I don’t remember it saying all found pets would offer bonuses automatically in the patch notes back in the day. Guess I should build some teams based around multiple pet bonuses to see that in the bonuses tab. I had noticed the XP, souls, and gold bonuses all active on hero menu so I should have assumed all other pet bonuses worked the same. Thanks again.

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