Pet system needs rework :)

What’s the down side when we are using divine team with dragon pet bonus active?
Why we cannot use divine team with dragon pets bonus active?
Why we have to have 3 or 4 troops from the same kingdom to be able to active the bonus stats?
I want my divine team to have more Armor so I choose XX pet, why we can’t do it?
I want my dragon team to have more Health so I choose XX pet, why we can’t do it?
I want my dragon team to have different stats than others dragon teams, so I pick different pets to achieve that, why we can’t do it?

We should be able to pick what bonus we like to add to the team with a limitation of numbers of pets we can have.

Some settings of this game is already to the point of being laughable, and the creativity of the devs is to the point for us to joke around.

All pets give bonus, whether you equip them or not. Equipping them is solely for cosmetic reasons.


@hotfood You need certain requirements to active the stat bonus from a pet such as: 3 specific troops in the team to active the HP and Armor bonus. What I’m trying to say is that these Requirements are unnecessary.

But if pets were as versatile and adaptable as you seem to want, there’d be no need to have more than, like, a dozen in the game (6 for mana colors, 4 for stats, 1 for souls and 1 for XP). Anything more would be redundant.

I also think the pet bonuses, on the whole, are so puny as to not matter much in the long run. How many battles does the average person lose where 6 more life per troop would have made any difference to the outcome? Not many, l’d wager, because it’s such a slim margin.

You are right, that’s why I suggested a rework. Not just activate requirement but every single pet itself.

Point of the pets is not to give you free stats unconditionally. They only multiply the amount of bonus you’re getting if you meet certain conditions in team building, such as 4 of the same color, 3 from the same type, 2 from the same kingdom. There are other ways in game that give you bonus stats. If all troops started with 1000 life and armor it would make a really boring game :smiley:

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The pet system is currently excellent, and needs no change. Devs, please do not listen to threads like these. They make no sense.

I agree that l think pets themselves are awesome and follow good mechanics. I don’t want the way they function to change at all.

Where l disagree is in pet acquisition: l think a pet rescue triggered by killing a pet gnome should either

  1. Only trigger a pet that the trigger-er doesn’t already have ascended to mythic OR
  2. Allow the trigger-er a choice between 2-3 pets, to increase the odds of rescuing one the trigger-er cares about.

I also think it would be beneficial to separate the pet rescue event from the overall world, so that pet gnomes aren’t useless on Wednesdays (because a player could rescue the event pet as well as any triggered by killing dirty, dirty gnomes).

Finally, l think adding potions to the shop tiers even though pet rescues don’t require sigils to complete would help newer and more casual players get the pets that are beyond their reach, either because they don’t have troops of sufficient power or any extra gems available for spending.