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Suggestion: Loaning troops

Just a suggestion. I don’t know if its good or bad. Could be great for players who wants to try out some of the troops that they haven’t got yet. If the player decide to level up/trait the troop in the week he loans the troop, the troop will stay like that whenever he/she decides to loan it again, as well if the player get the troop in a chest.

Costs for loaning a troop for one week:
Epic: 80 Gems
Legendary: 120 Gems
Mythic: 160 Gems
(All Epic-Mythics troops is available to loan for every player. I was thinking that only one troop can be loaned each week per player.)

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I would say , yes it is a good idea but only for training, no rewards.

After all , you said it would be to decide which level up/trait and to check out if it works for you or not,

If that “loaning” thing would get rewards, I guess it would disrupts the balance of the gameplay
( i.e. owning boosted troops that would not normally be accessible for your gameplay level )

I hope what I said makes senses, sorry I am french speaking native :slight_smile:

Cheers !

I would love to loan fully traited mythics for 24-48 hours with gems.
Lol, I wouldn’t of fully traited wulfgarok then. :wink:

Reading your suggestion, I’m guessing you mean that the player pays the gems, and temporarily acquires the troop in question. “Borrow” would probably be a better word to use, as “loan”, at least to my ear, suggests that the player is temporarily giving one of their troops to another player. The terms are related, but opposites. Confusion may stem from phrases like “take out a loan”.

As for the suggestion itself… I can see how it would assuage the pain of not having a particular troop, but it could easily be construed as pay-to-win, and not entirely without merit.