Let me pay gems to *not* draw troops from chests

Like many end-game players, I have a lot of troops: 126,814 of them as of typing this post. And I am not even the worst for that. I really, really don’t need a 1,450th copy of Ogre, or a 54th Snow Hunter.

In fact, I would probably be willing to pay gems to never draw another Ogre, or Snow Hunter, ever again.

Perhaps a system could be built so that we could pay gems to not get certain troops out of chests. After the fee is paid, the game will automatically reroll any Ogre I get from here to eternity. Importantly, the game would not change the drop tables: even if I bought out every single rare-legendary, my chance of getting a mythic troop from a glory chest roll would still be 1:10,000. (I just might get multiple rolls per key, as troops come up and get discarded since they’re on my go-away list.)

For the sake of argument, let’s say 100 gems for a common troop, 200 for a rare, 300 for an ultra-rare, 400 for an epic, and 500 for a legendary

Further, let’s say that this doesn’t affect event chests, and maybe even VIP chests. The drop pool is already so limited there that I don’t want to have to think about what the effects would be on the gem economy.


I´d rather be able to sell extra troops for a few souls,than getting absolutely nothing for them so…
No thanks.

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You know, if the devs would give us this option, to use the gems we can get totally for free and by doing nothing more than loging into the game hourly people would claim they are greedy bastards turning this game into the worst kind of pay to win lotto right?

Let’s do this and wait for the (over)reactions.

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This is pretty much the perfect use for VIP levels beyond 5. I’d be tempted by VIP levels with perks like, “If you have 4x of a Common ascended to mythic, that will be rerolled (unless there are no candidate commons).”

I’d settle for extra copies of troops being replaced by ingots…

Lol if they do this i will get every weapon fully upgraded already

good! its the only way I’d ever max those mythic class weapons

Just sayin’, is all…

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@TheIdleOne Ingot Shards to save up and craft into actual ingots of that rarity.

But, in all seriousness, I’d like to also see a feature like this eventually. This is what Runescape does, or at least did last time I performed my one log in ever other year or so:

This screen is the equivalent of the GOW screen where we purchase and use keys.

This screen is all of the possible rewards, as well as the screen that allows you to “FREEZE” categories.

Freezing a category means it is EXCLUDED from the prize pool, but you can only freeze categories by expending Hearts of Ice, which you can either earn in small amounts for free, or you can purchase.

Either way, I don’t see why SOMETHING along this lines can’t be implemented into the game, maybe exclude all cards of a certain rarity, or even specific cards, traitstones, bla bla etc.