Mercenaries in GOW?

You complain about being unlucky when opening chests?
You have not got the troop that you wanted to get?
You own lots of “useless” souls or traitstones?

How about implementing a mercenary market, where it is possible to hire certain troops (either rare existing ones or compleetly new ones) for either one battle. one day. or even one week, for a price paid in souls and/or traitstones.

This should be easy to implement and would give the opportunity to test new troops prior to their release.


Pretty sure the crafting system they are implementing will solve this problem.


Regardless of whether the crafting system will ‘solve this problem,’ it would still be nice to try out a troop for a day for some price. I don’t think it would cost resources that we have an overabundance of such as souls if the devs did implement this idea.

I know i’d like to try some troops that I don’t have and i’m sure others would as well. And having a way to try them before sinking the resources into crafting them couldn’t hurt, could it?

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I see your point but personally I’d just want at least one of every troop so wouldn’t feel the need to test them out before crafting :blush:

They already have that for common - ultra rare with arena.

They could just make a 2nd higher cost higher reward arena where the drafts are level 15 fully traited epic, legend, and mythic.

Alternatively, they could watch one of your eleventy-billion videos highlighting new troops. :wink:


You can order a pizza and eat it, or watch someone else eat a pizza. There is a difference.

Arena isn’t fun though. Random drafts of troops that might or might not work together coupled with the under-leveled troops just isn’t fun. The only reason anyone would submit themselves to the torture that is Arena is for the souls, and putting together a good soul farming team only takes a few days of playing.

True. However, in this case, watching someone else eat a pizza doesn’t cost the development team anything, which means they can work on other things.


So low level players can put in their defense 2xFamine? :slight_smile:

But I think it can be a good idea if you put the cost in gems so on, devs could make some extra money by “pushing” low level players to rent some troops for their GW battles.

i think the idea to “rent” a unit almost has to come out wrong

  • if it costs gems & is too expensive - will be called somewhat P2W

  • if costs gems & is too cheap - it could of lower devs income instead of increasing it

  • if it costs gold/glory/souls & is too cheap - that will ruin the devs income too much :sweat_smile:

  • if it costs gold/glory/souls & is too expensive - sounds ok to try a unit and i think is most optimal but im not sure what positive effect it would add to the game to actually improve players happiness and retention? crafting system on the other hand sounds mych better

also on a side note: i would prefer a player who doesnt own a unit to not be able to use it. especially in guild wars. so that me owning a unit gives a full value of owning it. id feel cheated on if i decide to dump resources to get this great super unit and then some cheapskate would just “rent” it and take me down with just as good effect


I realy understand your arguments, especially

I have to confess that I mainly had the possibility in mind to experiment with totaly new troops and to find new synergetic troop combinations, which for me is the most fascinating aspect of GOW. (And perhaps to find a better recipe against this hated Famine, that is seemingly impossible for me to acquire :wink:)

The second thing, that I had in mind, was the possibility to find use for unused souls and minor traitstones, which sensless amass after some weeks of playing. Surely, this point could also be solved by the expected crafting system.

As a last point, I imagined that pretesting canditates for new troops by lots of GOW players via mercenary market (which to implement should not be much more work than beaking a couple of pizzas :smiling_imp:), and to see the reactions, could reduce the frequence of changing stats of existing units.

I still think that the idea of a mercenary market (not for GW) could make the game more interesting, and could perfectly coexist with a crafting system.

Sentinel bonus are there and no riot happens. So I don’t see why it could be an issue. I’m still waiting for the riot about the “change your Hero’s class” fee…

The fee can change according to the base rarity with gems for Mythic, less amount of gems for Legendaries, …, gold for Common.

But the actual issue is that it’s really difficult for low level players to fight in the highest brackets and this idea could be a solution for them to stay competitive.

About the miracle Crating system, it seems that it will based on souls, currency that low level players are lacking…

low level players can focus on pulling troops from chests rather then crafting, but i think if they will want to craft one unit very badly it will still be possible with extra effort - which before-crafting would not be possible at all

i dont care about “class for free” thing, it wont help me at all since im using my hero for defense… id prefer a ‘class pinned to team’ thing :slight_smile: