RENT A TROOP - to see if want

I would love to have the option to “RENT A TROOP” for a short time to see if you want him. I am considering forging XATHENOS but before I spend 4,000 of my hard-earned diamonds, it would be great if I could play with him for a short while first. I would even be willing to spend gems for the privilege, say 50 gems for a week?

It just takes so long to save 4,000 diamonds and I would like the opportunity to try it out first before I buy. It would also be nice if there was any way of knowing when (or if) The Worldbreaker is ever going to be offered again. I am aware he was offered not long ago, but I for this same reason I was unable to make up my mind. Now I wish I had taken the risk but of course, he is not offered.

So please consider the idea of allowing a player to “test drive” a troop before they forge them?
Maybe others could voice their support to this idea?

Thank You.
For the record I am a level 1193 player.


Xathenos is a fun toy, but not very useful in a practical sense. He’s too hard to fill, can’t kill anything outright early on, and needs too much support to be effective. Basically he’s fine if you don’t mind a really slow deck. There are many other mythics I would craft first if you don’t have them.

Use a dead troop summoner…

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Good point, if you use Necrezza enough she will eventually summon Xathenos, even if you don’t own him.

It’s an interesting idea that requires some thought.

How many times can you rent them?
Hopefully only once but continuous means i can rent a mercenary infernus every week for the cost of 50 gems.

Also what are the mode limitations?
With the current modes of raid and invasion you can cherry pick to rent these troops to assemble the team you need or source them for resource runs.

Do they come levelled and traited?
Some mythics are expensive to trait and sometimes you don’t see the full potentials until they are fully upgraded. If they come untraited or unlevelled do we get a refund for the souls and traitstones used?

Who qualifies to rent them and how many?
Is renting open for everyone and everything?
Who qualifies as a potential crafter / buyer?
Some people might want to plan ahead without necessary amount of diamonds or you might get beginning players who might just assemble a team with legendaries and mythics.

These are some questions that immediately comes off top of my head.

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Spoiler, Xathenos is not worth it.


I want all of the troops regardless, as I’m an OCD collector freak so this wouldn’t really impact me. GIMME THE TROOPS NOWWW. But yeah, for those not looking for a full collection it seems like a cool idea :slight_smile:

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I simple was trying to float an idea. You questions do not sound helpful - just criticism

I always thought it’d be nice if we could actually test a new mythic when it releases before we committing to mass chest openings to get it.

I’m sure testing it first would be even more helpful for the people that buy gems to try for pulling a new exclusive mythic as that’s a lot of money for something they don’t even know if they want it or not.

A few test battles accessible in the Soul Forge would be nice.

Maybe they should add a section where you can make a team using any troops in the game, even those you don’t have and battle against other teams you compose yourself as well without any rewards afterwards. I never really felt the need to ‘test’ a certain troop because you can see what that specific troop does when you encounter 1 in PvP. Also I think most abilities are obvious. It would be a good way to test out team synergy though.

I don’t understand which part is criticizing.

I already mentioned it’s an “interesting idea but required some thought.”

It was meant to be constructive not idea bashing.

If you want a helpful suggestion according to your view point, here it is.

“It’s a brilliant idea!”