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Lf G


200-400+ T
200K-400K G

Only donate on sun all in 1 go,as I I like to get alot of rewards in 1 go rather than 1-3 a day

300K G upon enter

Hi, would you be interested in Celestial Peak? We are currently guild level 217, league ranking 74.

sure/ invite

Invite Sent!

You do realize that the servers only recall the last 20 tasks completed? If you’re doing more than that at one time, you may be losing a lot of resources.

Well, typically 300k is give or take around 15 Tasks. Plus as the one opening the tasks he will receive all the rewards anyway. The problem would be the rest of the guild. We will just have to work out a donating schedule away from Sunday to avoid exceeding the task limit.

Just trying to help. Didn’t want you guys to have the same experience we did.